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Iron Man back in the MCU? Fans start campaign

Will they respond to the fans' appeal?

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Missing Iron Man? You are not alone… Fans of the Hero have started a campaign for the Hero to return to the cinema.

It's inevitable, there's no way for Marvel to simply start a whole project with a character, make him one of the great pillars of an entire saga, and simply "retire" him and the fans won't miss it. But that's part isn't it? Beloved characters simply appear and disappear with sagas that never get a sequel.

However, this is different when it comes to the MCU, as it is far from over, rising with every trailer release, and new series on Disney+. And as an aftereffect sonic, and director Zack Snyder's cut of Justice League, fans realized that yes, they have a voice and can often be heard.

Bring Iron Man Back

A campaign was started in Los Angeles asking Marvel to bring the character played by Robert Downey Jr back to life. Those responsible for the movement put billboard, prompting the character to return to the MCU. Check out:

Iron Man Back to Life (Campaign)
Billboard calling for Tony Stark's return

We can see the following written on the Billboard:

For our beloved hero, please bring Tony Stark back.”

Hashtag: #Bring Tony Stark back to life

But on the poster we can also see the date April 24th. What can this mean? Maybe it's a date when the event will gain greater strength on social media? Will the character Tony Stark return to the MCU with such a move?

It's not impossible at all, especially with the multiverse coming to the MCU. Opportunities to bring the character are there and many. However, that would literally throw the whole context down the drain for the character's farewell, with his sacrifice to save half the universe.

Iron Man in the MCU

Iron Man may perhaps be the most important hero in the entire MCU. After all, he was the one who started it all. Before Marvel's ambitious plan to create a shared movie universe was even made public, the studio released the movie of one of the not-so-popular heroes of comics, which is Iron Man.

But with the brilliant performance of Robert Downey Jr, who was born to bring the character to life, the film was a great success, and with that the project went ahead. The hero was a crucial key to many problems faced in the MCU, although he was also partly involved in the beginning of the problem. For example the events of Avengers Age of Ultron.

His genius was the big key for the Avengers to have a new chance to face Thanos. Not only that, the character ended his participation by sacrificing himself so that humanity, and half of the universe, would survive the mad titan.

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