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Snyder Cut – Justice League is Coming!

Dubbed the Snyder Cut, the director's cut of Justice League is about to arrive after several rumors.

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After a long wait, creating expectations about the movie of the most famous team of superheroes from DC Comics, the Justice League, many fans were disappointed with what was presented. But after the failure, rumors began to emerge about a version by the first director responsible for the feature, Zack Snyder, and that it would be almost totally different from the one presented in theaters.

But what happened to the version presented in theaters?

The first director hired to direct the feature was Zack Snyder, but due to personal problems he had to step away from the film's production. In order for the schedule not to be affected and for the film not to be delayed, the Warner hired Joss Whedon (who directed the first two avengers movies).

From there, changes began in the version that would be directed by Zack Snyder of Justice League. Reshoots began, and including the script, went to theaters, but did not please or criticize, much less the fans. Since then starting a popular appeal for the presentation of the “Snyder Cut“. That is nothing more than the version that Snyder idealized for the film, and that according to him only 25% ended up in the final result.

Is Joss alone to blame for so many differences from the final version to the Snyder Cut? No, after all, Warner was also partly to blame, making some demands and changes in the film.

When does the Snyder Cut arrive?

After so much appeal, rumors, after all some said that the original director Snyder version of the justice league movie existed, some said it was rumors. People claimed to have watched it and to be something totally different from what was on the big screen… Anyway, let's find out how this version really is, in addition to proving its existence!

The confirmation finally came out during a commented session of the movie Man of Steel, that the Snyder version will be released next year (2021) on HBO Max. But why only next year? Good as Snyder had to step away from the production of the feature, part of the scenes in which he idealized were not filmed. Even a budget will be made available, both to call the actors again to film these scenes, and to apply effects, and complete the director's cut.

As activities of this kind in part of the world are interrupted, first it is necessary to have a safe meeting for filming in addition to the pro production, and conclusion. So the date is still for next year.

But hey, what do you expect from the famous “Snyder Cut”? anxious? I confess that I'm quite anxious and somehow worried, after so many rumors, differences in versions, I end up creating an expectation, which usually makes me easily disappointed.

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