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Facebook buys again, target this time: Giphy!

Technology giant acquires Gif library!

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The giant company Facebook has just grown even more, after Facebook buys Giphy. With an unannounced value, facebook acquired this Friday, May 15th, the popular library website for gifs, although the value of the purchase has not been announced, it is estimated that the purchase was valued at 400 million dollars.

With the new acquisition, the company Facebook will integrate the service with Instagram. That according to Facebook, about 50% of traffic on Giphy's website came from its apps, and 50% of those came from Instagram.

Facebook buys Giphy to fight rival? (TikTok)

One of Facebook's intentions when buying Giphy may be to boost its networks. Since TikTok, a Chinese social network, has been growing exponentially, with more than 2 billion downloads. As Facebook cannot buy its rival, just as Disney has been doing, and as it has already done with both Instagram and WhatsApp.

So for Facebook to buy Giphy, it would be a way to make its applications more competitive with its rival. The same way it did against Snapchat, by adding functionality to its networks in order to compete with the rival.

Times Facebook “Copied” Rivals

Instagram Stories vs Snapchat

Perhaps Facebook's best-known move, with the super popularity of Snapchat, Instagram copied Snap directly, calling Instagram Stories. It's no surprise that Instagram is the social network that most incorporates ideas from other networks. In addition to Instagram, the functionality also ended up on WhatsApp and later on Facebook.

Masquerade vs Snapchat Editing Filters

Once again on rival Snapchat, this time it was a copy of the filters. Masquerade is a Facebook app that “plays” and creates videos with effects and masks on the user's face. But, although it has more filters available than its rival, the competition still wins in terms of quality.

Facebook Dating x Tinder

This one works exactly inside the facebook social network app, and well, I don't need to explain much. Although there are quite a few differences in how the process takes place and mainly visually, the idea behind it is the same.

Facebook Watch x Youtube

Who has never found themselves watching a video on Facebook, and when they realized it, they had already watched about 10 on Watch? Well, the Facebook platform is like a kind of YouTube. But competing with YouTube is not easy. There are several differences in privacy, search and also the quantity of content available, as well as quality and duration. As the content comes from network users, it depends on sharing not being done privately, in addition to the fact that they are generally short videos (the average length of YouTube videos is 10 minutes).

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