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What if the Multiverse Really Exists?

The theory that there are multiple Universes is not exclusive to Marvel, scientists are considering this hypothesis, but what if the Multiverse really exists?

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Speak Geekers, ok? Are you all right? If you're a Marvel fan, you probably already understand a little bit of what this article is about. It is worth mentioning that in this article I will only talk about speculation, nothing is confirmed yet, they are just theories.

The theory of there actually being multiple universes came to light recently after the US Pentagon officially confirmed UFOs were sighted. It is worth noting that the American Pentagon disclosed that some UFOs were seen, not that there are lives outside the earth.

What is the Multiverse?

First of all I wanted to say that the Multiverse is the theory that there are several universes, if our Universe is huge, can you imagine if really thousands or even millions of Universes? Is there another you and another Universe? Do we have a kind of portal to go to other Universes? These are answers that unfortunately we still don't know, we hope that one day we will have all these answers...

How Big is Our Universe?

In numbers it is impossible for me to arrive and tell you the true size of the Universe, but there is a sentence that can give you a dimension of the size of our Universe, do you know which sentence this is? "There are more than 100 Billion of Galaxies in Our Universe and in Each Galaxy there are more than 100 Billion of stars”. Did it give you an idea of the size of the Universe?

I'm going to give you one more important information about the size of the Universe, do you know what the size of the universe is? Milky Way? The Milky Way is the Galaxy where the solar system is located, that is, the Milky Way is the Galaxy where we live. The size of the Milky Way is 105,700 light years (more than 105,000 light years away.

One second traveling at the speed of light is equivalent to a distance of 8 laps around the planet Earth, if one second is equivalent to 8 times around the planet earth, can you imagine traveling for 105 thousand years at this speed? This is the size of just one galaxy, and in the Universe there are more than 100 billion observed galaxies.

Did you get an idea of the size of our Universe? Now imagine you know that maybe there is the Multiverse? Man, it's information that takes our breath away.

Are There Life on Outside Earth?

In principle, this is an answer that the world population still does not know. It is worth noting that there are intelligence agencies in several countries, perhaps they already know something and do not want to create panic in the world population.

The universe is too big to be alone and too big not to be alone, both alternatives are frightening.

Can you imagine being alone in this vast Universe? Above all, it's too lonely to think about it. Can you imagine there being intelligent life outside of Earth? In other words, it's scary to think about.

But if there is life outside of Earth, contact with us would be difficult due to the size of the Universe, unless some extraterrestrial has already invented Teleportation.


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