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Mandarin: Check out what your Powers are

Chang Chi's villain is one of Marvel's oldest characters!

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Mandarin is the big villain of the next Marvel movie, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the 10 Rings, but what are the your powers? What is the villain capable of, what dangers will Shang-Chi face in the newest MCU movie? Check out!

After a forced stop in its release schedule, Marvel is coming with everything again in theaters, and with its series on Disney +, where it has been released so far. WandaVision, and we have Falcon and the Winter Soldier which comes to an end next Friday (23). But it doesn't stop there, several other series are already having their recordings completed, and already getting dates, such as Loki.

In the midst of all this, Marvel finally released the first trailer for Shang-Chi, check it out below:

Mandarin in the MCU

Most likely you've heard that name somewhere in the MCU movies, right? A certain terrorist in the Iron Man movie, who caused one of the biggest disappointments in MCU history. So it is…

The Mandarin is a great villain of Iron Man, so all the anticipation when revealed that he would participate in Iron Man 2. However, Marvel gave the fans a cold shower, as usual... That Mandarin was nothing more than an actor, no powers, no influence, no Ten Rings society… Just a puppet.

However, that will change now, with the arrival of Shang-Chi in the MCU, where the real Mandarin will be introduced. But it's a pity he's only presented now... After all, at least for now, Iron Man no longer exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, after his death in Avengers: Endgame.

Mandarin's Powers

The Mandarin's powers come from his Rings. However, those who think they can easily defeat him if he is without his rings are mistaken. After all, he is a great fighter, who was able to take his physical abilities to the extreme.


Among his skills, he stands out:

  • Great Intellect: He has a genius intellect! He is one of Marvel's greatest scientific minds.
  • Ki Control: As he has great control over his body, Mandarin has among his physical "powers" the ability to manipulate his Ki. By manipulating his vital energy, he is able to bolster his physical abilities, and stamina.
  • Martial arts: The Villain has knowledge of several martial arts, and can be considered a master in most of them.

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10 Mandarin Rings

Mandarin villain rings, main source of his powers
Mandarin Rings | Reproduction Image: Marvel Comics.

Upon finding an Alien Ship crashed on Earth, the Mandarin found the main source of his powers. Inside this ship, there were 10 capsules, each one containing a Ring. But not just any ring, each one possessed the soul of a great cosmic warrior. Anyway, check out which rings the Mandarin found and their unique powers.

Finger LeftRight
LittlefingerZero: emission of Cold Waves, which can stun the opponent.
But it is also capable of freezing objects almost absolute zero
nightbringer: absorption of Light, as a consequence creates an area of Absolute darkness.
ringThe Liar: amplification of the wielder's Psychic Energy, thereby allowing him to control the minds of opponents. Spectral: destroys bonds between atoms, and target molecules. But it needs a 20 minute break between use.
Middle fingerLightning: emission of electric currents. Intensity mentally defined by the user, although the limit is not known.spin: creates air vortices, which can be used in various purposes, attack, defense, flying, etc.
Index fingerincandescence: heat emission, defined mentally by the user.influence: projection of energies, in the most diverse ways (sound vibrations, magnetic attraction/repulsion, etc).
Thumbdaimonic: emission of energies from the electromagnetic spectrum, capable of generating strong gravitational waves.remaker: reorganization of atoms.

Anyway, the combination of the power of all these rings, along with the great intellect of the Mandarin, is sure to give great work to the heroes of the MCU. Most likely not limited to just appearing in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the 10 Rings, but rather representing recurring danger in the MCU.

And what do you think about the villain, now that you know his powers and abilities? Comment!

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