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Who Will Be Marvel's Next Biggest Villain?

What will Marvel's strategy be after the defeat of the Mad Titan?

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With the downfall of Thanos, who so far is the biggest villain in Marvel, who will be the next big villain in the MCU? Villains appear in every Marvel movie and series, but let's face it, the magnitude of Thanos, we haven't seen it yet.

A lot of people were waiting for the next big Marvel villain and maybe one even bigger and more powerful than that. Thanos appear in WandaVision. However, this series has already come to an end and we haven't seen any indication of his arrival, at least in a direct way.

In the last post-credits scene of the last episode of WandaVision we can see that she heard her son's voices asking for help. The twins ended up disappearing along with the WestView anomaly, did they end up in the hands of some great villain in another dimension?

When will the next big Marvel villain appear?

Understand why mephisto did not appear in wandavision

Thanos, who, as I said before, is currently the biggest Marvel villain, took a while to appear, in this case, to show his face. In some movies we saw things happening under your influence, but your face took a while to appear.

For the introduction of a villain of great magnitude to happen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to happen, it requires a certain amount of patience and caution. Can you imagine, if the next big and biggest Marvel villain already appears in the next work, it would kind of be without hyping the public.

And most likely that's what will happen in the introduction of the next Marvel villain, which as I said, may already be happening.

Who will be the next villain?

A lot of people were speculating the arrival of Mephisto or Nightmare, and it would be through WandaVision, but we know that didn't happen. However, they could be Marvel's next big and biggest villain, even Wanda's children could now be with one of them.

However, maybe the next big villain is one I can't even imagine, I'm talking about Kang the Conqueror. Apparently, he will be present in the next Ant-Man and the Wasp movie, who is a fan of Marvel comics already knows him.

He is well known for traveling through time to many different periods and dimensions, just think of the damage he can do. The last avengers movie made it very clear that time travel and travel to different dimensions has already been introduced in Marvel.

The avengers had to travel to different time periods, get the infinity stones and thus be able to reverse the damage that Thanos did. In fact, the Loki series that will debut in June on Disney+ will address time travel and different dimensions. In the trailer for this series we can see that he will make a tremendous fuss in different timelines and be chased because of it.

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