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Lord of the Rings Series with Billionaire Investment!

Budget from BlockBurster! Series will feature billion-dollar investment!

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Before you start, no, you didn't read that wrong! That's right, a series based on one of the best movies of the times! the Lord of the Rings series! Can you imagine experiencing this moment? I bet not, right?! After all, it is a film that marked a generation and is still successful to this day.

There's no way anyone can speak ill of Lord of the Rings, well, it may be in your opinion, but that of the public is another story. In addition, not to mention the various awards and Oscar nominations! So, just to give you an idea, the film has about 17 Oscars, that is, it's a lot for a franchise only. You might not like it, but you can't deny the facts of how good the movie is.

But, now we will have something that can surpass the movies?! Well, time will tell us, but until then, we will be able to enjoy the new milestone in history, being the new series about Lord of the Rings.

New series about Lord of the Rings.

The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring 2001 – Trailer | YouTube.

Amazon's new Lord of the Rings series has arrived shaking every concept we've ever seen, And that's because it's the most expensive series ever produced! The series will cost around US$ 465 million per season (converted to billions in reais), an amount that breaks television production spending records. The information was confirmed by the New Zealand Minister of Economic Development and Tourism, Stuart Nash, to the morning report.

“What I can say is that Amazon will spend around NZD$ 650 million in one season. It's fantastic, really, it's going to be the biggest television series ever made," said the politician.

Bigger budget series

Just to give you an idea of how expensive the series will be, just by comparison, the most expensive series to date. And it's nothing less than HBO's Game of Thrones, which cost around US$ 100 million a year to produce. But, when it comes to the new series of The Lord of the Rings, its budget reaches a billionaire cost if it were produced in Brazil. This is due to the fact that the series budget is certain to be U$ 465 million dollars.

Amazon signed a contract in 2017 to adapt JRR Tolkien's story for television. The deal says the company can tell stories from the Second Age of Middle-earth, including moments like the rise of Sauron and the forging of the Rings of Power. However, Amazon has not yet revealed which story it intends to tell, only stating that "set in Middle-earth, the television adaptation will explore new plots leading up to JRR Tolkien's The Fellowship of the Ring."

Earlier, the Lord of the Rings series was slated to debut on Amazon Prime Video in 2021. It is unknown, for now, if the pandemic will delay the release.

Game in progress about Lord of the Rings?!

Did you think it was over?! So get ready for another news involving this phenomenal franchise. That's right, it's about a franchise game, but don't get too excited, and you'll understand why by the end. For those who don't know, an Amazon development studio was producing an MMORPG about Lord of the Rings.

In addition, the news when it became public, shook everyone! After all, with a story and theme in which The Lord of the Rings takes place, it certainly caught the public's attention, even those who don't like MMORPG much. But, everything that is good, lasts a short time, doesn't it?!

The Lord of the Rings game that was in production at Amazon's game studios is now called off. According to Bloomberg (via ScreenRant), the project is canceled due to Tencent, who would have bought Leyou Technologies Holdings, who worked on the game with Amazon Game Studios. However, the companies attempted to reach an agreement, but would have failed to reach an agreement during contract negotiations.

The game, announced in 2019, was set before the events of The Fellowship of the Ring and promised to explore the universe of Tolkien and his characters.

It is worth remembering that Leyou is the owner of Digital Extremes, responsible for Warframe. Amazon sent a statement to Bloomberg, saying, "We love the Lord of the Rings IP and are disappointed we didn't bring the game to consumers."

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