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New UFO Images Released, Now What?

The United States department itself released the images!

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Recently the American Pentagon released new images of UFOs that were taken by the US Navy, what awaits us? It is worth remembering that not long ago some videos of unidentified flying objects had already been released by the United States.

With that, we can only think about the following, are they preparing us to warn that there is intelligent life beyond Earth? At the moment we can only speculate and imagine things that can be revealed, but these theories of ours are just speculations.

Another important point is that the United States has stopped using the term “UFO”, as many already associate this word with extraterrestrials. Now the term used is FANI, which is Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, that is, they are trying to disassociate these new UFO images from extraterrestrials.

New UFO Images Released, What Do We Know So Far?

According to reports from those who were on the US Navy Ship, these UFOs were sort of a spherical objects, which were flying over the sea. However, these objects ended up falling into the sea, and obviously people were sent to the crash site to investigate what it was.

However what happened was the following, absolutely nothing was located, thus intrigued even more the sailors who were at that location. They ended up suspecting that it was a space air balloon that crashed there or a Spy Drone, but are these suspicions correct?

Some people are doubting that this object is a Drone or Balloon because nothing has been found in the sea, not even a wreck. However, some are already going further in the ideas and thinking that it could be a spy drone that can dive and be guided in the sea.

Is it possible to receive visits from extraterrestrials?

US Pentagon releases new UFO photos
American Pentagon Releases New UFO Photos, Check It Out!

With the release of these new UFO images, it is clear that many people believe that we are being watched by a race of extraterrestrial. But let's face it that maybe this is very unlikely to happen, that's because we don't know if there is life outside Earth.

If there is life outside of Earth, space is of an unimaginable size, traveling through it is kind of unlikely, at least with our technology. But maybe on some other planet there is something that we don't know about and that makes it possible for life on that planet to travel quickly through space.

A theory that some scientists believe is in the existence of "Wormholes" that would be a way to travel between different points in the Universe. Basically it would be like entering a hole and thus being able to cut a path, going from end to end very quickly.

But still nothing has been proven about the existence of these famous wormholes, they are just theories, do you believe them? Remembering that if you liked this article, I ask you to share it with all your friends and on all your Social Networks.


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