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Pirate Code – PVP Battles at Sea! Battleship game?!

Real-time naval battle on your cell phone! Discover Pirate Code

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If you were looking for a new game to try and play, you've come to the right place! With the new Pirate Code, the concept of mobile games changes. Totally fun, Online, Real-time Battle, and everything a new generation game can offer. And besides, the game is quite light, that is, it doesn't weigh too much for your smartphone, in case you get worried.

Remembering that, this is a game that can be played solo, or with friends, just have a smartphone and internet. And something that is very pleasing, and a differential of Pirate code is the fact that the game is very beautiful graphically and gameplay is very fluid.

About Pirate Code!

Never heard of the pirate ship battle game? No?! So, you are in the right place because I will talk and detail a little about this game for you. Being a naval battle game so to speak, Pirate Code is a game that shows excellent gameplay. And it ends up being quite fun and immersive entertainment.

When you start playing, right from the start you already have an idea that you will spend certain hours of your day playing, that's why the game is very good. In it you can customize and improve your ship as you play. And it doesn't stop there, it's also possible to change even the captain who controls the ship, but it doesn't end there. Pirate ship captains have unique abilities! That is, in the midst of battle, the best strategy will be to excel.

Platforms and where to play

Now, something very simple and without difficulty! Don't know where you can find the game to download? So just plug in. Fast and convenient – When you pick up your device connected to a wifi network, look in the device's application library. If your device is Android, just search for the name “Pirate Code – PVP Battles at Sea” on the PlayStore, now if you use iPhone, use AppStory with the same search.

Once that's done, just click on download and then install, that's it! Just run the game and it's all done and ready to play. But if you want an even easier method, just click here to download from the Play Store and here for App Story.

Official Pirate Code – Codex7 Games – Trailer – iOS / Android | YouTube.

Inside the game – Pirate Code!

Now, enough about the outside of the game, let's talk about the inside, the one that really matters. Within the game, we can make many, many changes, from choosing which pirate ship to use, to captain with unique skills. All for the sake of winning the match, which consists of dominating a specific area, but not just staying within it.

Matches work as follows. a team is formed with 5 different ships on each side (different people in each one). When starting the game, during the game you will see an area and a table from 0 to 100% on each side. However, for the percentage of territory conquest to go up, it is necessary to have no enemies in the area. That is, for the points to be counted it is necessary not to let any enemy ship enter the territory and destroy it.

However, don't forget that the objective is the same for everyone, and that while you try to conquer the territory, the enemy ship will also do the same to you, and may the best one win.

Prizes and Chests!

Like most games, in Pirate Code we also have a reward system! Whether free or purchased. Inside the game you have the rewards, in them are gold, diamonds, chests, equipment, and puzzle pieces. All to improve the game and make it more fun and of course, stronger. Only in this way will you be able to oppose the enemies and take them down before you fall yourself.

Pirate Captains.

Remember the pirate captains? So, here they are, the ones who can determine the course of the match! This is due to the fact that they have abilities that can change the course, whether in attack or defense and even heal. As the game progresses, you evolve more and more, whether the captains or the ship itself, and in this the ease of defeating enemies is greater. But remember that just as you can evolve your account, others can too, so don't underestimate your enemies.

Take to the high seas on a grand scale with PvP naval warfare featuring fast-paced battles packed with ship-to-ship maritime action. Choose to play as a lone wolf, or join a fleet and participate in epic ten-player battles at sea. Choose a captain armed with unique firepower, board a mighty warship and dominate the high seas!

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