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Guide: What are the best Armors in the Archero game?

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In another one of our series of Guides to Archero, this time we will focus on which are the best Armors present in the Archero Game. What are armors, what are they, what each one does, and most importantly which ones are the best, check it out in our guide!

What are Armors?

Among all the equipment present in Archero, the two that need no explanation about what they are, without a shadow of a doubt are the weapons and Armor. That's because, they are equipment present in most of the games... But not only in them in fiction too, and in our history, which makes this explanation simpler, but let's go:

Armor is one of the categories of equipment present in Archero whose main function is to provide Defense for your Hero. But the focus on defense and bonuses related to the character's health recovery happens more in the initial levels of rarity, and in the higher levels the player acquires some abilities or bonuses that influence the Damage, each one with its peculiarities.

Ghost cape

The best archero armor - ghost cape
Archero's Armor – Phantom Cloak

A very beautiful cover. Reduces damage taken by ranged projectiles.

Rarity Effects

  • Normal: +10% to Projectile Damage Resistance.
  • Rare: +20% Healing from Red Hearts.
  • Epic: Freezes enemies that hit you, and deals thorn damage.

The Phantom Cape is great when it comes to combating monsters that shoot projectiles, which makes its use recommended when you are having difficulty facing these types of monsters, but it also proves to be quite useful in combats against bosses, due to the the fact that practically all of them, at certain moments in combat, launch projectiles.

Another situation in which the use of the Phantom Cape can be interesting is in the “Flying Bullets” event phase where all attacks are long-range, that is, mostly projectiles.

Vest of Dexterity

Best Archero Armor - Void Cloak
Archero Armor – Vest of Dexterity

Lightweight and durable. By using you can dodge enemy attacks.

Rarity Effects

  • Normal: +7% Deviation.
  • Rare: +20% Healing from Red Hearts.
  • Epic: Deals lightning damage to nearby enemies.

But if you are suffering not only from projectile damage, melee... Perhaps a good choice for you would be the Vest of Dexterity, because, already in its Normal rarity (base), it provides an increase of 7% in the deflection rate . But as if it wasn't already good, the effect of the Vest of Dexterity is cumulative, being able to combine, for example, with Snake rings and make a set focused on Dodge, which we all know can often be crucial in decisive moments.

But as if that wasn't already good enough, it also, in its epic rarity, deals Lightning damage to nearby enemies,

Bright Cloak

bright cloak
Archero Armor – Glowing Cloak

A cloak filled with light, reduces frontal damage during battles.

Rarity Effects

  • Normal: +12% Front Damage Resistance .
  • Rare: Lv upgrade speed. +25%, i.e. level up to 25% faster.
  • Epic: Each Upgrade will increase max HP by 3% (max 33%).

Added along with the Dark Cloak, which we'll cover more below, during Archero's Anniversary Event is one of the newer armors. The Glowing Cloak is the first to not offer the Heal buff from Red hearts that can come from normal monsters but always drop from Boss. On the other hand, it has interesting attributes too, because in its Rare form, it increases the hero's upgrade speed, while in the epic form, with each upgrade level the Hero's maximum HP will increase.

Regarding its defense, it provides defense against Frontal damage, whatever it is, both from projectiles, from collision. It will provide a resistance of 12%, and as this damage is the most received by players mainly when making the Attack Speed Bug, along with the side damage, when running away from a projectile and ending up colliding with another… it becomes a very good armor.

Vacuum Cloak

The best archero armor - cloak of the void
Archero Armor – Cloak of the Void

A cloak from a demonic realm. Reduces damage taken from melee attacks.

Rarity Effects

  • Normal: +10% to Resistance to Collision Damage.
  • Rare: +20% Healing from Red Hearts.
  • Epic: Poison all enemies in the room.

If you are facing a horde of melee enemies, such as the “Near Dangers” event phase and finding it very difficult, a good option is to use the Void Mantle, which already provides in its Normal rarity (base), an increase of 10% in your Collision Damage Resistance.

But not only that, it also provides the ability to poison all enemies in the room, as soon as they appear, with this ability it will cause constant damage equivalent to a percentage of the weapon's total damage, until the targets die, or the player.

dark cloak

dark cloak
Archero Armor – Dark Cloak

A special assassin cloak, reduces back damage during battles.

Rarity Effects

  • Normal: +22% to Rear Damage Resistance.
  • Rare: Max HP +7%.
  • Epic: Deals heavy shadow damage to nearby enemies.

The Dark Cloak, as one can already deduce from the name, is the armor that brings with it, in its epic rarity, an elemental ability based on causing dark damage. Along with the Shiny Cloak, these were the two armor pieces last added to the game (at least so far) in the Archero Anniversary event.

In other words, it does not have the same healing bonus bonus as other armor. But yes, a 7% Hp Increase, just by being equipped. Its defense bonus among all armor is the worst possible, as it is only resistance to damage that comes from the back, which almost never happens...

Golden Chest Plate

The best archero armor - golden breastplate
Archero Armor – Gold Breastplate

A breastplate made of pure gold. It's solid as a stone.

Rarity Effects

  • Normal: +5% Damage Resistance
  • Rare: +20% Healing from Red Hearts.
  • Epic: Deals flame damage to nearby enemies.

If you want to make an equipment composition based on HP control, for example when using Hero, or the "Wrath" skill, and you want to be able to better control your HP bar, a good option is the Golden Chest Plate. But what it does, basically it is armor that will provide you with defense for all forms of damage. However, not to be unbalanced, her damage reduction is only 5%.

In addition to defense, the Golden Chest Plate, provides in its epic rarity, the ability to cause flames on nearby enemies, if you always stay close, not needing to be too high up, it will often deal flame damage to all enemies in an area. 360° from the Hero until the target dies, or you…

What are Archero's Best Armors?

But let's get to what really matters, after all, what are the best Armors present in the Archero game? I always remember that even if someone like us chooses an armor as better or worse, it's always worth remembering that the "best" may not be the best for you, after all it can depend a lot on your way of playing, what you're going to do, etc.

The best

But without a doubt The best Armor present in Archero is the Bright Cloak, one of the most recently added Armors. And why her? Well, it is more recommended precisely because of its frontal damage resistance bonus, which, although it is only 12%, is the region where more damage will be taken, especially for players who are used to making the bug of the attack speed. In addition to providing excellent damage reduction, combined with its increased up speed, with the HP increase that can reach up to 33%, makes it the best armor for practically any occasion.

In second place is the Vest of Dexterity, this thanks to its Dodge bonus that can be fundamental and help in the composition of a set of items with a little or completely dodge. As it is one of the oldest armors in the game, it has the healing bonus of red hearts, and its elemental ability, although it needs to be close to enemies to activate, is very useful.

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