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Guide: What are the best Heroes in Archero game?

There are so many Heroes, but which ones are worth spending the time or money to acquire?

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Speak up guys all beauty? Let's make here another Guide for the Archero game! A small but complete guide regarding the Heroes available in the game, to address a little about each one, to resolve any doubts about them, and as far as possible define which is the best Archero Hero!

First of all, it's worth remembering that we have other Archero guides here at News Geek if you want to be more and more attuned to this magnificent game, so check out the guide below before or after this article:

Who are the Heroes in Archero?

The Heroes in Archero are nothing more than the characters that the player will control. It is in the Hero where all the equipment available in the game is equipped, for a better combination at the player's discretion, or in which the challenge you are facing is necessary.

They were introduced into the game from version 1.2.0, which was released at the end of August 2019. But until then it was not possible to level them up, a possibility that was introduced in update 1.2.4, Level Up this through coins and sapphires.

Each of the available Heroes has different abilities and attributes compared to the others. And as they level up, their attributes are increased, and every 20 levels unique skills or abilities that favor all other Heroes are unlocked. The maximum level allowed to level up heroes follows your level, that is, if you are level 39, you can only level up your heroes to the same level.

But let's talk about Archero's Heroes, which can be divided into two categories: free heroes and the paid heroes. However, even if within the Free Heroes, there are heroes that are purchased with gems, as they can be obtained within the game over time, they were considered as "free", which is not possible with Paid Heroes, since they are purchased using Real money.

How to get Free Paid Heroes?!

Although most of Archero's heroes are paid, it's possible to get them for free, that's right! No Bug, Hack or anything like that that compromises your account. This is done through Hero Shards, an in-game system where you use Hero Shards to evolve your characters.

But if you get a certain amount of shards (30 or 50, varies from hero to hero) you can rescue the hero completely for free using the shards to summon him! Fragments can be acquired in a variety of ways, using the Boat, daily events, seasonal events, etc.

free heroes


Best heroes of archero - atreus
Free Archero Heroes – Atreus

A rookie archer who is on his way to becoming an Archer Hero!

Description of the Hero in the Game.

He is the default Hero of the game, completely free, as he is the hero with whom the player begins his journey through the world of Archero. In addition, just like the bow, which is the initial weapon, it has the most balanced attributes among the others. He is the only hero, who does not have any special abilities (which is shown below the HP bar in the images).

But another strong point in its favor, in addition to its balanced attributes, is that among all of them, its appearance is the only one that changes according to the items you are using.

hero info

  • Attack: 150 (+8 per level).
  • Max HP: 600 (+25 per level).
  • Abiliity: None.
  • Value: Starting Hero, so: free.

Bonus per Level

  • 20: + 100 Max HP (All Heroes).
  • 40: + 15% Ranged Unit Damage.
  • 60: + 4% max HP (All Heroes).
  • 80: + 5% Attack Speed.


Best heroes of archero - urasil
Archero Free Heroes – urasil

Proficient in the study of Medicine, an invisible assassin with the ability to poison.

He is the second Hero that everyone who plays Archero will pick up, this is because he is obtained like Atreus completely free of charge, without the need to buy them with gems or coins, as soon as you complete Chapter 2-1 of Archero. It is considered by many to be “a bit useless”, this is because its attributes are relatively low, and so is its growth.

But not only the attributes but also your ability, which is nothing more than an improvement of an ability already considered weak, that of poison. However, if you take into account its value, which is null, comparing it to Atreus, it can be a good idea to use it, after all it's one less skill to pick up during matches, using it until you can get it together to release another Hero.

hero info

  • Attack: 120 (+9 per level).
  • Max HP: 550 (+30 per level).
  • Abiliity: attacks cause poison damage at 40% of equipment damage per second.
  • Value: Free, but only available after completing Chapter 2-1.

Bonus per Level

  • 20: + 40 Attack (All Heroes).
  • 40: + 15% Damage to melee units.
  • 60: + 15% Critical Damage(All Heroes).
  • 80: + 6% Max HP.


best heroes of archero - phoren
Archero Free Heroes – Phoren

Born of fire, and fire answers no one but him.

The best and easiest hero if you disregard the previous two, this is because of his Ability. Even if it doesn't have great stats or an enviable growth, its effect of dealing damage from fire Improved attacks are a great help.

His ability to set enemies on fire is similar to Urasil's, however, even with the disadvantage of needing to be reapplied, something that poison does not require, it causes more damage in less time, which becomes an advantage because the faster you finish a better room in Archero, with less chance of losing HP.

hero info

  • Attack: 130 (+9 per level).
  • Max HP: 500 (+35 per level).
  • Abiliity: Attacks deal Fire damage over 2s.
  • Value: 50,000 coins.

Bonus per Level

  • 20: + 2% Critical Chance (All Heroes).
  • 40: + 15% Projectile Resistance.
  • 60: + 2% Critical Chance (All Heroes).
  • 80: + 5% Critical Chance.


Best heroes of archero - taranis
Archero Free Heroes – taranis

Born of Thunder, and naturally able to control and cast Thunder.

Thor is you? It's impossible to look at Taranis and not remember the Marvel Hero inspired by the Norse God "THOR", and it's no wonder, after all he was inspired by the Marvel hero, including his appearance, abilities and description. Taranis has reasonable attributes, and an interesting growth rate, in addition to his unique ability, which, although not continuous damage, is advantageous for group combat, including the fact that it is the radius ability improvement, taking 30% from the character attack in a stream of lightning to enemies close to the target! Instead of 25% which is caused by the skill, it also has a larger range, reaching enemies at a greater distance.

hero info

  • Attack: 130 (+10 per level).
  • Max HP: 550 (+40 per level).
  • Abiliity: Attacks deal Improved Lightning damage to enemies. Deals 30% (instead of 25%) attack damage to nearby enemies.
  • Value: 1000 Gems.

Bonus per Level

  • 20: + 2% Critical Chance (All Heroes).
  • 40: +20% Damage to Air Units.
  • 60: + 4% Attack (All Heroes).
  • 80: +50% Critical Damage.


Best Archero Heroes - Helix
Archero Free Heroes – helix

A tribal warrior, a hunter; Even the strongest admire him!

Helix is for the “brave”, who are not afraid of catching it because its unique ability is an improvement of the “Rage“, where the more the character loses HP, the greater his damage. What makes him a good hero for those who can manage his HP well is the fact that even if he has good HP stats, his attack is weak, which can make him depend on his unique ability.

hero info

  • Attack: 125 (+10 per level)
  • Max HP: 620 (+43 per level)
  • Abiliity: The lower the HP, the greater the damage from Attacks: 1.2% more damage for every 1% HP lost.
  • Value: 1500 Gems .

Bonus per Level

  • 20: Critical Damage: +20% (All Heroes)
  • 40: Red Hearts Healing Effect + 20%
  • 60: +5% max HP (All Heroes).
  • 80: +5% Critical Chance.


Guide: what are the best heroes in archero game? - meowik
Archero Free Heroes – Meowik

Don't underestimate the Cat spirit combined with Magic.

Don't be fooled by Miaugik's cute appearance, his description is no wonder, this is because of his unique ability! But after all, what danger can a cat that evokes cats cause? Well, the danger is what these kittens do, even if slowly, once summoned they will chase their target, and cause practically 3x their damage in an explosion as soon as they reach it.

Okay, but what's the danger in that? Well, it depends on the frequency at which they are evoked, after all, each Miaugik attack has about a 30% chance of summoning a kitten, and these kittens, unless the target is killed until he reaches it, will not be a wall that will stop him. to reach their target (yes, they walk through walls).

hero info

  • Attack: 135 (+11 per level).
  • Max HP: 550 (+40 per level).
  • Abiliity: Chance to Summon a Cat to attack the enemy. (Approximately 30% chance per attack)
  • Value: 1800 Gems

Bonus per Level

  • 20: +50 Attack (all heroes).
  • 40: + 5% Dodge Chance.
  • 60: + 4% Attack (All Heroes).
  • 80: + 30% Red Heart Healing Effect.


Ayana - guide of the best heroes of the archero game
Archero Free Heroes – Ayana

Coming from a magical city, a witch with magical powers!

Don't be fooled by her appearance, recently added in the anniversary event update, Ayana is one of the strongest heroes present in the game. Although thanks to this, it is also the most expensive among the heroes that you don't need to buy with real money to use... Its abilities can be quite useful in confrontations, its portals but be careful.

They can either be useful or be the reason for your defeat, because they are created randomly and can lead you to your defeat. Her ability to enchant monsters is also very useful, but don't wait for the monsters to attack, her enchantment only increases the damage received by the target.

hero info

  • Attack: 160 (+11 per level).
  • Max HP: 550 (+42 per level).
  • Abiliity: Summons portals randomly, and when attacking an enemy, enchants it, increasing the damage taken by the same.
  • Value: 2500 Gems

Bonus per Level

  • 20: +80 Damage to Air Units (all heroes).
  • 40: +15% Damage to Ranged Units.
  • 60: +4% Attack (all heroes).
  • 80: +10% Deviation.


Ryan - Archero Heroes
Free Archero Heroes – Ryan

A traveling red panda who loves to sing, dance and meet new people.

A nice panda, but that can end up being a thorn in the enemy's side. In addition to having an excellent base HP, and increasing even more once you reach level 60, Ryan's skill gives you a second chance after dying in the game. Thanks to it you revive after dying for 1s, but this duration can be extended by killing enemies with a limit of 6 seconds, and the time when killing the boss is 10 times longer.

hero info

  • Attack: 150 (+11 per level).
  • Max HP: 700 (+45 per level).
  • Abiliity: Revives after dying, with invincibility for 1s. Invincibility increases with monsters killed.
  • Value: 50 Hero Shards (Ryan Shards).

Bonus per Level

  • 20: +100 Damage to Ranged Units (All Heroes).
  • 40: + 5% Max HP.
  • 60: + 250 Damage to Air Units (All Heroes).
  • 80: + 30% Healing red hearts.


Lina Heroes Archero
Archero Free Heroes – Lina

A mysterious dancer who loves to travel and dance gracefully to strangers in her path.

Lina, along with Ryan, are the only heroes added to the game so far that are only purchased using Hero Fragments. Therefore, they are the most complicated to catch. But your skills are worth the effort. Lina's ability summons a type of clones that attack enemies, applying negative effects.

These negative effects, although they don't cause much damage to enemies, provide great advantages, reducing their HP and speed, and best of all, in area!

hero info

  • Attack: 180 (+13 per level).
  • Max HP: 650 (+45 per level).
  • Abiliity: Hitting enemy deals extra damage and summons ghost dancer that attacks enemies and causes negative effect (slow and HP reduction).
  • Value: 50 Hero Shards (Shards of Lina).

Bonus per Level

  • 20: +100 Attack (All Heroes).
  • 40: + 5% Dodge.
  • 60: + 5% Max HP (All Heroes).
  • 80: + 5% movement speed.

paid heroes


Best heroes of archero - onir
Archero's Paid Heroes – onir

The son of light, possesses all the powers of the Light, like his shining hair.

Onir is not in the game as a joke, after all he wouldn't be paid for real money, right? It has good attack attributes, in addition to having the highest HP status in the game, which combined with its ability, which is highly effective against groups, becomes a good combination, as its attacks cause a “ray” of sacred damage around the target. enemy being attacked, which deals 100% of base damage (“common” holy skills only deal 50% of character damage)!

hero info

  • Attack: 140 (+11 per level).
  • Max HP: 650 (+45 per level).
  • Abiliity: Attacks have a holy effect (Also increases the effectiveness of other Holy abilities).
  • Value: US $ 9.99 ( Image value varies, due to taxes, dollar exchange…).

Bonus per Level

  • 20: + 200 max HP (All Heroes).
  • 40: + 20% Damage to ground units.
  • 60: + 20% Healing Red Hearts (All Heroes).
  • 80: + 5% Attack.


best heroes of archero - bonnie
Archero's Paid Heroes – bonnie

Woman of the Sea Heroic and kind! She steals from the rich to help the poor

Bonnie is a damage-focused character, with a relatively high initial attack and good growth, especially considering the bonuses acquired after leveling up the character. However, even though it has a good attack and is excellent against wave rooms, it won't be very useful against Bosses, after all its ability to summon clones will only be useful if it has enemies to kill, which would only be effective in some Boss, not all.

Your Clones are stronger than those available through the cloning skill, as your clones deal 150% damage instead of 100%!

hero info

  • Attack: 150 (+11 per level).
  • Max HP: 600 (+45 per level).
  • Abiliity: Possesses the ability to summon strong shadow clones when defeating enemies.
  • Value: US $ 9.99 ( Image value varies, due to taxes, dollar exchange…).

Bonus per Level

  • 20: + 20% Critical Damage (All Heroes).
  • 40: + 5% Attack speed.
  • 60: + 5% Max HP (All Heroes).
  • 80: + 5% Attack.


Best heroes of archero - rolla
Archero's Paid Heroes – rolla

The goddess of ice, wielder of the power of ice and snow with a pure heart.

Rolla is the hero with the highest initial attack of all, but he has low HP. Its unique skill is of great help, after all it is able to freeze enemies when attacking them, which is of great help to stop enemies and bosses, including "canceling" some boss attacks, which is of great help! In addition to having the passive cancel skill, the player can still pick up the other ice-related skills, which will be enhanced as well, with their longer duration.

hero info

  • Attack: 170 (+12 per level).
  • Max HP: 500 (+40 per level).
  • Abiliity: Attacks cause freeze effect, which lasts longer. (Also increases the duration of other Ice abilities.)
  • Value: US $ 16.99. (Image value varies, due to taxes, dollar exchange rate…).

Bonus per Level

  • 20: +60 Attack (All Heroes).
  • 40: + 15% Crash Resistance.
  • 60: + 5% Attack (All Heroes).
  • 80: +10% Dodge Chance.


Archero Heroes - Shingen
Archero's Paid Heroes – Shingen

The sole heir of a millennial clan full of curses and blessings. (Has the family heirloom: Demonic Sword – Rain).

Newly added, Archero's newest hero. With his arrival some heroes lost the rank of "highest basic attack", previously held by Lina with 180. But Shingen arrived with his incredible 200 attack, and an HP that also leaves nothing to be desired. His HP would naturally be high, because of his unique ability, which is based on losing HP to gain bonuses. Thanks to this bonus, Shingen is also the character with the fastest attack in the entire game!

hero info

  • Attack: 200 (+14 per level).
  • Max HP: 700 (+45 per level).
  • Abiliity: The less HP, the higher your Attack Speed and Critical Damage.
  • Value: US $31.99.

Bonus per Level

  • 20: +120 Damage to Melee Units (All Heroes).
  • 40: + 5% Attack speed.
  • 60: + 6% Max HP (All Heroes)
  • 80: + 20% Damage to Melee Units.


Guide: what are the best heroes in archero game? - shadow
Archero's Paid Heroes – Shadow

Shadowkiller, queen of the night. She can switch between herself and her shadow in battle.

Most likely the character with the highest damage in the game without needing to lose hp, this is due to her unique ability, which causes an improvement in attack speed and the attack itself, but in addition to her ability that already causes a lot of damage, in addition to the fact that she has a lot of basic attack which combined with its growth leaves it with enormous damage.

Its ability is great for both waves and Boss fights, after all it will always activate every 4 seconds, regardless of whether it needs to kill or not.

hero info

  • Attack: 170 (+13 per level).
  • Max HP: 550 (+40 per level).
  • Abiliity: Switches between “Real Me” and “Shadow Me” every 4s. (Shadow Me, increases Dodge, Attack and Attack Speed).
  • Value: US $ 18.99 (Image value varies, due to taxes, dollar exchange rate...).

Bonus per Level

  • 20: + 100 Damage to ground units (All Heroes).
  • 40: + 5% Critical Chance.
  • 60: + 5% Max HP (All Heroes).
  • 80: + 5% Attack Speed.


Archero's best heroes - sylvan
Archero's Paid Heroes – Sylvan

An elf prince, master of the elements and lover of nature.

His description says a lot about him, an Elf that controls random elements when attacking, even though he already has excellent stats and growth, his ability to deal enhanced elemental damage is also excellent for both wave and boss fights. Check the percentage of elemental activation, and also its effects:

Skill / % activationEnhanced effects
Flame / 37.5% 30% damage for 0.33s up to 6 procs
Freeze / 12.5%Freezes for 0.5s (does no damage)
Poison / 12.5%80% damage per second
Radius / 37.5% 68% of equipment damage to target and
25% to enemies close to the target

hero info

  • Attack: 160 (+12 per level).
  • Max HP: 600 (+45 per level).
  • Abiliity: When attacking causes random, enhanced elemental effects.
  • Value: US $ 18.99 (Image value varies, due to taxes, dollar exchange rate...).

Bonus per Level

  • 20: + 200 Max HP (All Heroes).
  • 40: + 20% Damage to ranged units.
  • 60: + 5% Attack (All Heroes).
  • 80: + 6% max HP.


hero ophelia archero
Archero Paid Heroes – Ophelia

Hunter between light and dark, adept at hunting devilish monsters

Ofelia is one of the last added heroes, so you can expect something new. As described in her ability, she can extract the “soul” of the monsters she kills, so when you kill a monster your soul will remain in the room.

The souls have different colors, which will grant different bonuses, such as the red soul that increases the projectile damage, and the yellow soul that increases the critical. To get these bonuses, just pass over the soul to absorb it, but unfortunately they are not cumulative.

GreenIncreases Attack Speed
YellowChance to recover HP on critical hits
BlueEnemy hit explodes
RedIncreases attack and pushing effect.

hero info

  • Attack: 160 (+12 per level).
  • Max HP: 712 (+40 per level).
  • Abiliity: Chance to suck and extract the enemy's soul, increasing its strength.
  • Value: US $9.99.

Bonus per Level

  • 20: +70 Attack (All Heroes).
  • 40: + 20% damage to melee units.
  • 60: +120 Attack (All Heroes).
  • 80: + 7% Max HP.


Archero's paid heroes - aquea
Archero's Paid Heroes – Aquea

Princess of the seas, loved by the oceans.

Archero's newest hero, added in the game's 2nd Anniversary Event. By far the character with the most base hp in the entire game, and with an excellent attack as well. in the same way as the rolla, Aquea has the freezing effect on her attacks. But what sets her apart is when she hits 35% HP, where she literally becomes a hitting machine, increasing her crit, parry, freeze damage, and reducing body size, which makes it easier to dodge projectiles.

hero info

  • Attack: 180 (+14 per level).
  • Max HP: 800 (+50 per level).
  • Abiliity: Attacks freeze the enemy. When HP drops below 35%, enter combat mode. Combat Mode: Reduces Aquea's body size by 15%, increases crit rate by 10%, increased parry rate by 15%, and increases freeze damage.
  • Value: US $31.99.

Bonus per Level

  • 20: + 250 Max HP (All Heroes).
  • 40: + 30% Red Heart healing effect.
  • 60: + 5% Attack (All Heroes).
  • 80: + 10% Max HP.

event hero


Guide: what are the best heroes in archero game? - shari
Archero Event Hero – Shari

Born in the magical woods, she is in touch with nature

Shari has reasonable attributes for a character that can be acquired for free, so if you managed to take advantage of the event in which it was possible to obtain her, there is no point in using her if you only have Atreus or Urasil. Its growth is also reasonable, but its greatest strength is its unique ability, in which its attacks have the chance to evoke thorns next to the target and attack it.

It may not be useful against targets that move, but it has a great advantage against stationary targets, including some Bosses. However, it can only be useful on some specific maps, but it is still a good hero compared to Atreus or Urasil.

There is no prediction for it to be obtained again, however a possible return of the event, which took place in April 2020, is not ruled out, possibly in a few months it will return.

hero info

  • Attack: 135 (+10 per level).
  • Max HP: 550 (+35 per level).
  • Abiliity: Summons spikes that attack enemies.
  • Value: Free, but only during the event.

Bonus per Level

  • 20: + 150 Damage to Melee units.
  • 40: + 300 Max Hp (All Heroes).
  • 60: + 5% Critical Chance.
  • 80: +5% Damage to Melee units (All Heroes).

Top 3 Best Free Heroes

But what really matters is knowing, after all, which are the best Archero heroes both to play stages and events against monsters, that is PvM and PvP (Player vs Player) separated between free and paid heroes.

Best Heroes for PvM

In this category we will define which are the best characters to play in general, that is, to do normal stages, daily events, etc.

Free Heroes:

  1. ayana.
  2. Meowik.
  3. Lina.

Ayana is the best character to play overall among the free heroes, but why? Because she is considerably approachable, just like Miaugik. His skill guarantees an excellent advantage against targets, not to mention that his portal, if well used, can be the big difference in tight situations.

Meowik is also excellent, but his ability depends on his cats hitting targets, not to mention that his summons may not happen at the desired frequency.

Lina had everything to be the best, however, she can only be picked up with shards, which can become a rather time-consuming activity, and the frequency with which her clones are summoned also leaves something to be desired.

Paid Heroes:

  1. Shadow.
  2. Shingen.
  3. achaea.

Sombra manages to be the absolute best Archero heroine, although she is not the most expensive (Aquea/Shingen). Her skill makes her have the highest overall damage in the game, naturally, in addition to being quite versatile.

Second is Archero's latest hero, Shingen. His passive skill makes him have an excellent dps, and of course it matches perfectly with the new melee weapon added to the game. But not only that, its attack speed is capable of making the scythe, for example, become a real killing machine!

Aquea is in third place, after all, there's no way the most expensive hero is out of this list, his ice damage is a great extra..., But everything changes when his hp goes down, becoming a killing machine, because his damage increases a lot, in addition to your dodge decreasing the chances of dying. As his HP is the highest among all heroes, if the player has enough skill then he can make good use of Aquea's battle mode.

best heroes for PvP

But what are the best heroes for PvP combat? Below is a separate list between paid and free.

Anyway, what did you think of this guide? Do you agree with the Ranking listed here by News Geek? Comment below what your top Archero heroes are! In addition, of course, to share with that friend who is starting in the Game, thus helping him with the information contained here that will be of great help!

Free Heroes:

  1. Ryan.
  2. Lina.
  3. Helix.

Of course, the characters recently added to the game would be the best for PvP, so they couldn't be left out of the list, even though it is relatively difficult to obtain them. Unlike normal characters who can be purchased with shards or Gems, Ryan and Lina can only be picked up with shards.

Ryan has the excellent ability to resurrect once, whenever he is down, this can be of great advantage if your opponent is about to lose and manages to kill you. Lina has the ability to summon clones, which is an excellent advantage in PvP, but not only that, she has a good basic attack.

Helix, one of the oldest heroes in the game, can't be left out either thanks to his ability to deal more damage as his hp drops. This skill is well exploited by players, mainly using proximity skill (skills that circle the hero), which can be lethal if not avoided correctly.

Paid Heroes:

  1. Shadow.
  2. Ophelia.
  3. achaea.

There's no way, Sombra is by far the most versatile character in the entire game, being suitable for every activity you're going to do, so if you have her, don't worry about leveling up her, after all she'll use it a lot! Her attack dealing shadow damage to enemies is an excellent help, but what makes her the best is her “shadow me” state, with lots of damage and dodge.

Second comes Ophelia and her souls, they give the player a good advantage, of course, as long as it's used well. It's not worth going out in front of attacks to collect souls, evaluate first if it's worth collecting that one or not.

Finally, there's Aquea, who already has a big advantage with her freeze attack, which is the most effective elemental damage in PvP. But what makes her stand out from this list is her combat mode, which can be the big trick to turn the game around and come out the winner.

Also check:

Anyway, what did you think of this guide? Do you agree with the Ranking listed here by News Geek? Comment below what your top Archero heroes are! In addition, of course, to share with that friend who is starting in the Game, thus helping him with the information contained here that will be of great help!

Student of Information Systems, a lover of games, anime and technology in general. In addition to being a writer for News Geek, I also write for other sites, which belong to Grupo SED.

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