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The Umbrella Academy is renewed for a 3rd season!

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For all my friends, that this is really happening, and if you, like me, were also waiting for it, here's the news! The Umbrella Academy has been renewed for a third season at Netflix! Of course, after the end of the second season, fans couldn't wish for more than a new season, after all, the more the better for us.

Also, about more content to watch, and kill quarantine boredom, if you have nothing to do. Want to know all the details about the renewal? Follow us until the end so you can stay up to date with everything.

Netflix renews The Umbrella Academy for a third season.

After the release of the new season of Umbrella Academy. The repercussion took over series lovers in a short time, brightening the day of many readers and series lovers and specifically the series itself. The Umbrella Academy has proven to be a huge success on the Netflix streaming platform!

And now, after the second season was explosive on the platform, the series has just been renewed for a third season. According to Deadline, the new year will have 10 episodes and production begins in February, in Canada.

The announcement came about three months after the release of the second season of The Umbrella Academy, which came to lead the platform's audience. But, to our delight, production on the next ten episodes will begin in February 2021, in Toronto (Canada), again under the command of showrunner Steve Blackman (who had already talked about his plans for a third year of the series).

Plus, it looks like Season 3 promises us even more drama, madness, and mayhem. Are you ready for this? The first two seasons of Umbrella Academy are available in the Netflix catalog. (A subscription to the platform is required to watch).

TUA season 2 summary

As everyone already knows (those who saw the first season) At the end of the first season, the brothers went to the past! But, this ended up causing a change in the alternative timeline! In other words, both now have a new consequence to save the world, and prevent the destruction of the end of the world.

The second season shows the Hargreeves appearing in Dallas, in the United States, at different times in the 1960s. Separated, the brothers build new lives in the Texas city, without knowing where the rest of the family is. The reunion only happens when Five (Gallagher) discovers that the apocalypse they were trying to prevent in the previous season “followed” the Hargreeves on time travel and is now set to happen about 50 years earlier.

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