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What's New on Netflix for the Week of November 6-12!

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The weekend is already decreed, and you will certainly look for something good to watch, but when in doubt, let's go with news! See what's new on Netflix for this week, between November 6th and 12th. Movies and series for all tastes are coming to the platform, but we will also have the return of some of the most popular titles on the platform, check it out:


  • Moremi's Lesson (original Nigerian film)
  • Country Forever (original series)
  • female revenge
  • The Late Bloomer

Today, the news listed above is now available on Netflix. With highlights for the two Netflix original productions, The Lesson of Moremi and Country Forever. But also not least, the 2020 launch also arrives on the platform with the female revenge, a Taiwanese film that addresses increasingly recurring themes of breach of privacy.

Day 7

  • (2013) The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
  • (2014) The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1
  • (2015) The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – The End

The 7th although the name of the article is, “Netflix News of the Week November 6th-12th!” does not bring anything new to the platform… But the return of The Hunger Games to the same. The franchise's films were removed this year from the platform, but it is on November 7th that marks the return of some of the films that have already been the most watched on Netflix.

Day 9

  • Operation Ecstasy: Season 2 (original series)

For the 9th, Netflix reserved the news, limiting itself only to the second season of Operation Ecstasy, or Undercover, which is a good request for fans of police series. This day marks the return of one of the most watched series in the United Kingdom, but which also managed to captivate audiences in some Latin American countries.

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10th day

  • Dash & Lily (original series)
  • Luccas Neto in: The Treasure Map
  • A Lion a Day
  • Zé Coleta (original animation)

The news reserved by Netflix for the 10th of November, are for almost all tastes, but with a focus on children. With the film by Luccas Neto, and the new animated series Zé Coleta, a good choice to entertain the kids during the weekend. But we also have for lovers of a good romance, the new Netflix original series Dash and Lily, already getting into the Christmas mood!

Day 11

  • Aunty Donna: Fun Shack (original series)
  • Justice on Trial (original documentary)
  • A Queen is Born (original series)
  • When Life Happens (original film)
  • The Liberator (original series)

But it is on the 11th that we can call Netflix Originals Day, because on this day we will only have Netflix productions, documentary, series and a movie. Highlight goes to Justice on Trial, a documentary that addresses the case of Sean K. Ellis who was accused as a teenager of a crime he did not commit, but who struggles to prove not only his innocence, but also the corruption present in the US police and mainly the racism present in the corporation.

But it's also worth noting the new Netflix original animated series, The Liberator. The series will arrive as a way of commemorating Veteran's Day, an American national holiday to honor all citizens who served the country in the army, although the series will be in the animated style, it uses a technology that combines live-action recordings with CG.

day 12

  • Graceful Friends
  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
  • Ludo (original Indian film)
  • The Beginning of Life 2: Outside

The 12th marks the arrival of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the second film in the Jurassic World reboot, which leaves the competitor Prime Video, to then integrate the Netflix catalog. But not just dinosaurs as interesting as they can be… we'll also have another Korean Drama with Graceful Firends, a new Netflix India Original Movie, and the Documentary The Beginning of Life 2.

Anyway, what did you think of the news from Netflix for this week, between November 6th and 12th?

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