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Meet the 7th season of Apex Legends!

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My dear readers and gamers, who likes Apex Legends? I bet a lot of people, after all it is a very good and fun game! So, welcome the newest season of Apex, bringing with it new content, ways to level up the pass, map, and more. Here's a brief summary for you game lovers, and of course, our classic competitive FPS, where 'moscow' is a bullet in them. So let's go? Check out what's new in the seventh season of Apex Legends below, and for more details, check out on the game's official website.

Season 7 of Apex Legends!

Meet Horizon – Apex Legends Character Trailer

So let's start by talking about something that interests most people, the new Apex legend, Horizon! As the new legend in the world of legends, it's time to shine by showing off your incredible tactical skills involving gravity! That's right, the new Horizon legend has great intelligence, to the point of having its weapons with gravity functions and a 'black hole'.

With the tactical ability she throws a platform on the ground, very similar to Octane's, however, instead of propelling forward like a big jump! It throws the characters upwards, being able to have a wide view of the map, and go in the desired direction.

Now being her Ultimate, she plays a kind of robot, where he imitates a black hole, sucking all his enemies around. Making it easier to aim at them and the rest you are on how it works.


New olympus map at 7th in apex legends.
New map Olympus at 7th in Apex Legends.

Now, something that is always good to renew, so it doesn't make the gameplay boring, is the map change, and now, we have a new world in Apex to explore! That's right, a new map, totally different from what we were used to, and it starts with the fact that the map is FLOATING! Crazy, isn't it? But, that's right, this time the map is found floating in the air, which causes a lot of people to die falling off the map, after all, we are in the adaptation phase with the new map.

Olympus is the third map coming to Apex Legends and is a floating city found high above the planet Psamathe. This new location features lush, artificial grounds, with stylized landscapes for those who appreciate opulent decor. The high rocks of the cliffs of Kings Canyon and World's Edge are gone. Instead, you'll find dangerous open spaces that display the clouds below. Olympus comes with two new ways to traverse the map: the dimensional corridor and the Trident, the first vehicle in Apex Legends.

Would you ride Apex?

Meet the 7th season of apex legends! - trident
New Trident drivable vehicle in Apex Legends.

That's right, you didn't read it wrong, in Apex Legends Season 7, Respawn Entertainment has decided to include a new type of vehicle! In addition, with seats for 3 people, that is, for full squad. But, it doesn't end there, instead of just standing still walking around the map faster, they made it possible for those not in control of the Trident (vehicle) to shoot around and even imbue character abilities into the Trident itself.

Clubs, Guild, Clan, call it what you want, because now it's also possible!

Meet the 7th season of apex legends! - image 8
Club Badges in Apex Legends.

Something that was missing in the Royal world of Apex, was the famous Clan! A set of friends all belonging to the same place, representing the same team, facilitating communications, friendships and partners within the games. Previously, to be able to do this in Apex, it was necessary to create a group outside the game, which made it difficult, and only those willing to assemble one using groups like Discord for example, all for the benefit of all united, which is now possible to do inside the game!

That is, no more random (random) to make us angry during the game, something that annoys most players! This is all due to the fact that there is no teamwork, and thus making team play difficult in a strategic way, thus generating anger in the players. But now it's over, when entering a club everything changes, where you can play with dedicated people and less 'troll' within the game. And remembering that each club has a maximum capacity of up to 30 members, that is, if you are going to make one and be the leader, select the members well.


You thought it would end there, didn't you? Well no, my dear reader, we also have character updates. For example, Lenda Loba, where he had an incredible improvement in his ultimate. Last season, when using her ultimate, she was only able to batch 2 items, this hasn't changed, however, it is now possible to batch bullets infinitely!

In other words, a great appeal, it's out of bullets, and it's with Loba, just use it to get as many bullets as you want! Furthermore, it can also be used to separate ammunition in a specific location, thus preventing enemies from being able to find the bullets, as everything is in one location. But it doesn't end there, it would be a lot to detail, so you can check it out on here on the EA website.

Platform options

To finish this post, here's something very pleasant for players, an option on which platform to play the game. As you know, games are made available by game distribution platforms. And now, it is possible to play the game through the Steam, which has already led many players to go to the platform, because let's face it, Origin, the game's initial platform, is not one of the best to use. This allows players to migrate to another platform, and all this with account synchronization, without having to start everything from the beginning.

Anyway, what are you waiting for to test the new season of Apex Legends? After all, it's a lot of fun, with several new features, a new system to level up the pass, but I left this one for you to see inside the game, thus drawing your own conclusions from the new way to level up the battle pass. The new season “ASCENSION” is available to play from 05/11, and has a new map, new character changes, mount, new legend and much more.

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