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YouTube Was Down Yesterday? Understand Everything!

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Some users reported yesterday that YouTube had gone offline in Brazil and other parts of the world, is this really so? Many people even reported that this all happened because YouTube had been hacked, in short, I don't doubt anything. However, late last night, the platform used Twitter to inform that everything was back to normal.

Despite the instability, some people managed to access the platform, but this was only possible after spending several minutes trying. In case you didn't know, YouTube is a video service that belongs to none other than Google.

Below I will make available the Twitter posted by the platform talking about the subject as soon as YouTube went offline in Brazil and around the world.

As soon as everything returned to normal, YouTube used Twitter again to inform its users that the problem had been resolved.

Youtuber Felipe Neto spoke about the matter, he even spoke about the supposed damage that this fall caused him. Still according to Felipe, his channel suffered a loss of around 18 thousand reais in those two hours, whether this amount is real we don't know.

The World's Largest Video Sharing Platform

We all know that YouTube was created exclusively for sharing videos and its birth took place in February 2005. Perhaps its creators, when developing the platform, never imagined this, but it is the largest in the world in its segment.

The founders of this service were 3 young people who worked for PayPal, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. After just over a year and a half of creating YouTube, these young people sold the service to Google for US$ 1.65 billion.

Was this purchase more worth it for whom? At the time, this may have been very worthwhile for young people, but today we can't deny that it was a hit from Google.

The exact moment YouTube went down

When all this happened, people trying to use the service were met with an error screen or videos that wouldn't load. Upon seeing these errors, many people ran to other Social Networks to try to find out what was happening. But due to the fuss on the internet, a lot of false information circulated, including that YouTube had been hacked.

When the videos did not load, the error code that appeared was 503 or 400. However, it is worth noting that this was not the first time that YouTube had problems and even crashed.

Perhaps the reason for these problems is simply an overload on their servers, other platforms also experience this, such as Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Twitter is one of the Social Networks that gives the least error on the server, but this has happened a few times, including this year 2020.


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