TikTok, Facebook And Instagram Are The Most Downloaded Apps Of September

TikTok, Facebook and Instagram Are the Most Downloaded Apps of September

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TikTok, Facebook and Instagram are the most downloaded Apps in the world this September 2021, how many downloads were there? It is worth mentioning that this list is referring to Android and IOS cell phones, which are the most used operating systems in the world.

The Top 5 on this list has, in addition to TikTok, Facebook and Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger, do you know what that means? That apart from TikTok, we have four apps that belong to the same person in this Top 5, yes, I'm talking about Mark Zuckerberg.

TikTok Tops World's Most Downloaded Apps List in September 2021

Most downloaded apps in the world in September 2021
TikTok was the most downloaded app in the world in the month of September — Photo: Disclosure/SensorTower

Digital consultancy SensorTower recently revealed that TikTok had an incredible 59 million Downloads worldwide in the month of September. Apparently, despite the turmoil, this new Social Network is here to stay and continues to gain popularity on planet earth.

In second place, as you already know, is Facebook, and yet, it was not far behind TikTok in terms of Downloads. Adding installs on the App Store and Google Play Store, Facebook had about 51 million Downloads, 9 less than TikTok.

And then we have Instagram, which despite the instabilities that has been having along with WhatsApp and Facebook, is still a tremendous success.

Countries That Most Downloaded TikTok

We know that TikTok is a Chinese application, and yet, it is no wonder that it is the leader in number of Downloads there. China has concentrated about 16% of the total number of App Downloads there, which is incredibly a lot.

The United States had been having a bit of a problem with China over TikTok, even accusing them of spying. However, this did not make TikTok lose popularity in the US, in fact, it was the most downloaded app in the country in September. There were about 12% of the total number of downloads made in the United States of America. In India, Facebook is in charge, there are concentrated 29% of the total uses of the app, yes, that's a lot. I'll give you a number example, for every 100 people worldwide who use Facebook, 29 are in India.

TikTok Success Makes Too Many Social Networks Invest in Short Videos

This success of TikTok that made it head the list of the most downloaded Apps in September in the World made the other Social Networks have problems. This problem was the possible loss of popularity, and yet, guess what was the solution that these Social Networks found? “Copy” TikTok.

Yes, Instagram, for example, created Reels, YouTube, Shorts, SnapChat also came into fashion and created Spotlight. All these feature are short videos, which was responsible for the sudden and frightening success of TikTok.

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