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Learn how to buy a game on the Play Store!

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Today we use cell phones for everything. From communicating with people, of course, to paying bills and doing business. In the era of smartphones, many possibilities have emerged to use the cell phone and entertainment companies have followed this evolution very well. 

Smartphone games are increasingly optimized and offer options for all tribes: RPG, FPS, adventure... There are even smartphone versions of already established digital games such as The Sims, Sonic, Mario Kart, Call of Duty, GTA, among many others. others. 

And where do you find all this world of options? on cell phones android you can find them on the Play Store, a native application (which is already installed on your cell phone). Not all of these games are free. Many of them even offer a demo version, with limited features, which is free. 

But if you want to live the experience to the fullest, or if you really like the game, you need to buy the paid version. But how to buy a game on the Play Store? It's safe? It is worth it? Let's go through these topics. 

How to buy a game on the Play Store?

The first step you need to take is to have a Google account. If you don't have one, go to Google's own website where you can make one. Then you should find the app Google Play in your app library, which is the menu you use to access all your apps. 

The Android app store, the Google Play Store, will have a triangular, colored icon. You need to open it to access the store. Now, just access the games menu and choose what you want to buy, or type the name of the one you already know you want in the search box. Remembering that, to buy any application on the Play Store, whether games or others, you must have a payment method registered in your account.

To register a payment method, which can be a gift card, credit or debit card, Paypal and Google Play credits, you must click on the icon with your photo or avatar > Payments and Subscriptions > Payments and choose an option to add your preferred payment method.

Is it safe to buy a game from the Play Store?

Google offers a series of security steps within its app store. So, if you shop exclusively within it, you'll be safe from problems. The safest (and fastest) way to make a purchase on the Play Store is with a credit card. 

The experts of cartaofacildeaprovar.com remind them that it is important to have a card from a reliable institution and, above all, to be careful when using it. This warning is very important, because the ease of buying apps with just one click can have very unintended consequences.

Calm down, we're not talking about data theft or anything like that. We have already certified that within the Play Store you will be safe. What the people at the easy-to-approve card portal remind us of the responsibility when using the credit card so that things don't get out of control and you end up having a debt that you can't pay off. 

They warn of the risk of interest, losing credit and, of course, being unable not only to make future purchases, but also to be approved for other credit cards. The portal cartaofacildeaprovar.com suggests that credit card expenses do not exceed 30% of your income. 

Remember that this is not just with games and apps, but with everything you use your card to buy. 

Getting into debt with your credit card is the biggest danger you will encounter when buying games from the Play Store and only you can avoid it. If you're going to use a credit card that you don't own, whether it's your parents', a friend's, your grandmother's, or your parrot's, don't use someone else's card without their permission. 

Now, if you don't have a credit card yet, but you want to acquire one, or even if you are not very satisfied with what you already have and are thinking of exchanging for one that better meets your shopping profile, the best place is to make this decision safely is on a blog specializing in credit cards. 

There, several experts will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of different credit cards, which will give you a better chance of approval and those that best suit your shopping profile.

Is it worth buying a game from the Play Store? 

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Well, whether or not it's worth buying a game from the Play Store will depend on how well it met your expectations. There are games in different price ranges. From R$1.00 to R$15.00 and even more expensive. You can spend a lot or a little money depending on the game you like. 

There is also the issue of “in-app purchases”. What is it? Some games are free to download. You can play a small part of the game without paying anything, but after a certain point, to advance you have to pay for the rest of the game. 

On the one hand, this is good because you can at least get a taste of the game to gauge whether or not it's worth spending your money on. On the other hand, this same reason can have its downside. It can happen that you end up making an impulse purchase out of sheer curiosity to know what happens after the point you've reached. Always keep in mind: Use your card sparingly. Control your spending in relation to what you earn.

To buy or not to buy: that is the question.

We have reached yet another Shakespearean moment in life. Will I buy the game from the Play Store that I've been wanting?

Let's take a look back at what we saw. Now you know how to buy a game from the Play Store and what it takes to be able to do so. You also know that it is safe and fast to use your card to buy within the app store. 

In addition, he is aware that it is dangerous to go overboard with purchases and end up in debt and that he should be careful and think carefully before pressing the buy button. A good tip is to put the option to ask for your password before any purchase, so you will have one more step to think about if you really want that game. 

Now you can make your decision! Good game to you!

Student of Information Systems, a lover of games, anime and technology in general. In addition to being a writer for News Geek, I also write for other sites, which belong to Grupo SED.

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