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Marvel Reports Doctor Strange 2 Movie Has Been Delayed

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Marvel recently reported that the movie Doctor Strange 2 (in the Multiverse of Madness) has been delayed, and there were other movies from the company on this list. Don't worry, the same will still be released in 2022, however, it will be with a little delay, we hope it's worth the wait.

Remember that in the previous paragraph I had said that it wouldn't just be Doctor Strange movie 2 that would be postponed? Well, we will have more Marvel movies that are having their dates changed, such as Thor 4 and Black Panther 2.

It is worth noting that before we would have four Marvel releases in 2022, but with this date change, there will only be 3.

What to Expect from Doctor Strange 2 Movie?

As the title of the Doctor Strange 2 Movie is "In the Multiverse of Madness", we can already have a basis of what will happen. It will obviously be something that will happen in the Multiverse and could perhaps be such a threat as to end our Universe.

Well, it might not just end our Universe like others, since the concept of the Multiverse has already arrived in the MCU. I don't know if you watched What If, which is an animated series, but in it we could observe that all Universes were almost exterminated.

The series showed us that in an alternate reality, Ultron managed to collect all the Infinity Stones and destroyed his entire Universe. And yet, it didn't stop there, he managed to travel through the Multiverse and wanted to destroy everyone, but the threat managed to be neutralized.

Marvel Movies That Would Release in 2022 and New Dates

Marvel movies that were going to be released in 2022 and new dates
black Panther

Well, previously you realized that Marvel would have 4 movies from the company that would be released in 2022, but now there will be only 3. And then you can know which are these 4 movies that would arrive now in 2022 and with their new dates.

  • Doctor Strange (in the Multiverse of Madness): This movie had a release date of March 25th, but has now been moved to May 6th.
  • Thor 4 (Love and Thunder): This movie was originally supposed to be released on the 6th of May, but has now been moved to the 8th of July.
  • Black Panther 2 (Wakanda Forever): That movie had a release date of July 8th, but has now been moved to November 11th.
  • The Marvels: This film was originally set for a release date of November 11, 2022, but has now been moved to February 17, 2023.

Remembering that in 2023 we also have scheduled the release of the movie Ant-Man and the Wasp (Quantumania), but its date has also been changed. It used to be February 17, 2023, but now it will be July 28, just over four months later.

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