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These games are about to leave Xbox Game Pass.

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Microsoft users and customers have the benefit and option of subscribing to the Xbox Game Pass service. And if you don't know it, I recommend you find out what it is about, after all it is a service that offers multiple benefits. Just like Sony owns PSN, Microsoft owns Game Pass, or Live xbox gold. Well, both are quality services, however on Xbox Game Pass, the benefits will certainly be rewarding.

That is, those who subscribe to Xbox Game Pass, have the benefits of accessing a library of games! Also, not just anyone! Since it even has newly released games, a vast arsenal of games to choose from, just choose, download and play, whether on your console or PC.

Games coming out 10/15 from Xbox Game Pass

Above I mentioned that Microsoft has a wide choice of games, with more than 100 titles available for subscribers. However, tomorrow, October 15, some games will leave the platform. But this is something quite normal, since that way the catalog of games is always renewed, and some are removed, like a rotation of games. However, if any game you are playing has left the platform, just purchase it and everything will return to normal. Below, you can see the six games that are about to leave the platform on 10/15.

  • Gonner2 (Cloud, Console and PC);
  • Heave Ho (PC);
  • Katana Zero (Cloud, Console and PC);
  • Scourgebringer HD (Cloud, Console and PC);
  • Tales of Vesperia HD (Cloud, Console and PC);
  • The Swords of Ditto (PC).

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate!

Remember Game Pass? So this is not the only subscription option, as we can sort it into three categories. Two I have already mentioned, being Live Gold and Game Pass. However, let's say this is the Premium subscription! And want to know why? Well, this is something of the future, where you can literally play from any device with an internet connection!

Whether playing on mobile, notebook, PC and even on the Console, all this is possible to play in the Ultimate package! Well, if you prefer, you can call it XCloud, and that name is not for nothing, as it allows users who don't have a console and want to play, or even people who don't have much time, but still enjoy playing something. Everything and for everyone, just subscribe to XCloud and with it you'll play on the Cloud! Playing from any device through the Microsoft cloud.

So, playing Forza Horizon 4 on your cell phone, or on a weak notebook, has become a reality, just have an Xbox controller with bluetooth, internet network and be an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber! To know, subscribe and the like about XCloud, just click on here.

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