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Remake of GTA 3, San Andreas and Vice City still in 2021

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After many rumors, GTA The Trilogy is made official by Rockstar, with the Remake of GTA 3, San Andreas and Vice City. The release forecast is still for this year 2021. The games should arrive for both consoles, PC and mobile devices.

Many rumors have surfaced on the internet in recent months about possible remakes of games in the GTA franchise, including the giant San Andreas. Obviously, at the same time that many players were worried, with the back foot with remakes and even outraged, after all, no GTA 6… But remakes, and GTA 5 content every week…

On the other hand, many were super excited, after all, it's not for nothing it's the remake of the biggest and most famous game on an entire console, in this case the Playstation 2. But everything was just rumors, until Rockstar decides to make it official!

GTA remake for 2021

Rockstar has officially launched GTA The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition , in which the games GTA 2, San Andreas and Vice City will be present. It will arrive literally for all available platforms, computer, smartphones and practically all current and last generation consoles.

See Rockstar's tweet about the release of the GTA remake below:

When is the remake coming?

Rockstar didn't give many details about the release, but states that it will hit stores later this year. Details about improvements, what the differences will be, a comparison of the new and old games, the specific date. For now, all we have is the small teaser, with the art of the 3 games that will be present in the pack. (teaser seen above)

Classic versions removed from stores

If you still want to secure an original version of GTA 3, San Andreas and Vice City, be quick! After all, Rockstar will withdraw from all stores where its games are available, the original versions this week. They will be replaced by the remake versions.

20 years of GTA 3

GTA 3 completes this October 22nd, 20 years since its release on Playstation 2. With its launch in 2001, and Vice City being released in 2002, while the much-loved San Andreas would only arrive in 2004.

As the release of GTA 3, present in the remake is close, it is to be expected that on that day at least more information will be released. With that, perhaps, the date or some gameplay of the game.

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Anyway, looking forward to the GTA Remake? Are you excited and hoping for the best, or would you rather rockstar were more committed to bringing GTA 6? Comment!

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