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Comics: The 10 Most Popular Comic Book Heroes!

See now a list of some of the most popular Heroes of the comics!

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Everyone has read a comic at some time in their life! Be one of the countless comics of Turma da Monica, even the small strips present in newspapers or magazines. This storytelling format became popular worldwide in the last century, with the comics of the various publishers, but mainly with those published by Marvel and A.D. Where many of the iconic characters we know today originated.

As these are the two great references of the comics market, it is undeniable that a list with the most popular Heroes of the comics will only contain names of Heroes of the publisher. But let's go to the list of the Most Popular Heroes of Comics:

Super man

The most popular comic book heroes - superman
Superman – DC Comics

I would venture to say that Superman is not only the most popular Super Hero in the comic book universe, but also in movies and animations. It's about the best known Super Hero in the whole world! Even someone who has never read a comic in his life knows the hero who carries with him the symbol of hope for his people!

Everyone knows Superman, but not everyone knows that the Last Son of Krypton is one of the first Heroes in comics. It was created in 1938 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, in Action Comics a magazine published by DC Comics. Although Superman over the years has gone through several changes, in his powers, origin, etc. One thing remains, the symbol of hope on his uniform.

captain America

The most popular comic book heroes - captain america
Captain America – Marvel Comics

Speaking of popularity, surely you've seen a symbol that resembles Captain America around, whether it's a t-shirt, a case, a doll. The character was already one of Marvel's most popular and important characters, and that popularity took a huge leap forward with the MCU films, taking it to another level.

The Hero emerged in a context of War, in 1940 created by the legend Jack Kirb and Joe Simon, in his first appearance, the hero was presented on the cover of the HQ punching Hitler right in the face. The character has no powers, in fact his body was enhanced, that is, he was taken to the extreme possible. Using a shield, the great symbol of Captain America, he inspires hope and confidence, being a man of integrity and kind, the Hero most admired and respected by all other Marvel heroes. His importance within the Marvel universe is indisputable, after all, he is a founding member of the Avengers.


The most popular comic book heroes - batman
Batman – DC Comics

Without a doubt, one of the most important characters in the comic book industry, a character that every writer of Super Hero stories wishes they could once write about. Batman appeared in 1939, written by Bob Kane, although the character has undergone several changes over the years, its essence remains.

The billionaire, heir to the Wayne fortune and corporations, who overnight assumes the identity of a vigilante, who is the greatest detective in the entire world! Over the years, he has become one of the most popular characters in the world, several excellent animations have been produced over the years, not to mention that the character has already won several movies in theaters, played by renowned actors.

Iron Man

The most popular heroes of the comics - iron man
Iron Man – Marvel Comics

The Tech Genius, who hasn't dreamed of getting into a suit of armor and flying around? Iron Man was created in 1963 by the two legends Stan Lee and Jack Kirby! Its creation came from a self-imposed challenge by Stan Lee to create a character with a bad personality. However, the hero has not gained all the prominence he deserved since its emergence, being considered as a Class B Hero in Marvel.

He came to gain a new air at the turn of the century, when the character was repackaged, gaining greater importance in the comics. However, it was with the films of Marvel Studios, represented by the actor Robert Downey Jr, that his popularity gained airs never seen before.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman - Most Popular Comic Book Heroes
Wonder Woman – DC Comics

The great female symbol in the comics is Wonder Woman, among all the female characters in the comics, Princess Diana of Themyscira is one of the most popular, influential and important. Created in 1941 by William Moulton Marston, but at first containing many traces of machismo in its stories. What changed with the change of writer for the magazine to Gail Simone, Straczynski and Grant Morrison. The character is extremely important, and many times in her stories she struggles with things like that.

Like almost every character in the comics, Wonder Woman has also undergone several modifications over the years. Mainly with regard to its look, but the closest we know it today came in 1987. Together with Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, the 3 Heroes form DC's "holy Trinity".


Wolverine - most popular comic book heroes
Wolverine – marvel comics

Who never in their life took several pencils, pens or something like that put it between their fingers pretending to be Wolverine's claws? Although it is a very violent character, thanks to the drawings mainly it is one of the best known characters, including being the best known of the X-Men.

But the character's fame in the comics has always been great. Contrary to what is seen in animations, and in the early 2000s X-Men movies, the character in the comics is much more cynical and wild. Something closer to what was seen in the movie Logan (2017), which thanks to the high censorship of the film can be portrayed more faithfully.


The most popular heroes of comics - flash
Flash – DC Comics

The fastest man in the world! Classic talks about Barry Allen in The CW's Flash series, and it's no wonder! Flash is the fastest sprinter not only in DC Comics, but in all comics! His feats through his speed are incredible. And as one of the Justice League's members, it's clear that his popularity wouldn't disappoint.

Flash is the fastest sprinter, and also the most popular! Created in 1940 by Gardner Fox and Harry Lampert, he is one of the most powerful Heroes thanks to the extreme speeds he can access, even being able to go back in time and travel through dimensions!


The most popular comic book heroes - thor
Thor – Marvel Comics

The god of Thunder, son of Odin King of Asgard. Compared to the other characters listed here, its origin is even recent. Created in 1960 by Stan Lee, the Norse god was introduced to Marvel, albeit in a very different way than we know it today. At first it was a normal human, who found a magical artifact, which when knocked on the ground transformed him into the Nordic God.

But with its history changed over the years. And it was declared that that human all along was the God of Thunder, who had his memories erased, and sent to Earth to learn more about the meaning of humility and self-love.

The character is popular in the comics, having several prominent roles, especially after joining the Avengers. As with all characters in the MCU, his popularity grew even more after the character was played by Chris Hemsworth!

Green Lantern

The most popular heroes of comics - green lantern
Green Lantern – DC Comics

“In the brightest day, In the darkest night, Evil will succumb to my presence. Whoever worships evil loses everything,
Facing the power of the Green Lantern!” Another member of the Justice League, proving that in fact that participation in teams can make a big difference to the popularity of a character.

Who wouldn't want a ring, capable of literally building everything, being limited only to the creativity and willpower of its wearer? Green Lantern is not the name given to a specific hero, in the comics several humans have used that name, the most popular being the fighter pilot Hal Jordan, although he was not the first.

The first Green Lantern of the comics is Alan Scott creation of Martin Nodell, but even with Alan using the title of Green Lantern, he was not part of the Lantern Corps. Its origin has also changed over the years, until arriving at what we know today. The character won a movie in theaters in 2011, but it's better to forget about that movie, and for now enjoy the animations and comics that are sensational.

Spider man

The most popular heroes of comics - Spider-Man
Spider-Man – Marvel Comics

And of course you can't miss the big head of Web! One of Marvel's great flagships, one of its Most Popular Heroes since its inception! A great proof of this is the various animations that the character has gained over the years, not to mention the movies in the cinema that are always successful at the box office, even when they don't go very well.

Addressing more everyday problems, Spider-Man is a more urban Hero, perhaps that's where the formula for his popularity comes from. It is common to see filthy rich heroes, after all in this list we have 2 of the richest in comics. Batman and Iron Man. However, with the head of the web, the story is different, while the hero deals with several villains, he also deals with financial and daily problems.

Which makes most readers identify with him. But not only that, after all, who didn't want to go out shooting webs between buildings and swing around, climb walls, etc.

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