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Good Morning and Company: 10 Best Drawings!

Drawings that made the most impact on SBT’s morning program

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Bom Dia e Companhia was certainly present in the childhood of many Brazilians, who never got up early carrying the blanket and going straight to the sofa, turning on the TV and putting it on SBT to watch cartoons all morning?

Best Drawings of Bom dia e Cia

There were several years of the program, in all that time several different drawings were broadcast, and some of them marked an entire generation. Classic designs, new, anime…, but some always stand out in relation to the others, check out the Best Drawings that appeared in Bom Dia e Companhia:

1. Ben 10

Drawings that marked the good morning and company - ben 10
Ben 10 / Image: Reproduction.

“The story began, when a weird watch stuck to his wrist coming from infinity now he has powers and with them he makes beautiful It's Ben 10!” who doesn't remember this song? If the music already marked, imagine the drawing.

But of course I'm just referring to the first seasons, which takes the first story of Ben 10, up to his youth. The remakes created leave a lot to be desired, so it's best to stick with just the first few seasons.

The story begins when Ben Tennyson finds a watch that has fallen from the sky, and it sticks to his arm and won't come off at all. This alien technology watch is the most powerful weapon in the universe, and it allows its wielder to transform into aliens. Thanks to this, Ben begins to be targeted by aliens behind his clock, at the same time he uses his powers to help those in need.

2. Justice League

Drawings that marked the good morning and company - justice league
Justice League / Image: Reproduction.

The great team of DC Comics, the Justice League. The publisher's design marked an era, and is considered as one of the best and most acclaimed superhero animated series. The opening is amazing, the characters are very well developed and several outstanding villains.

She managed to please both the younger audience and the more adult audience, addressing topics on political and social issues. The first season brought together more well-known heroes such as Batman, Green Lantern, Superman, Wonder Woman and The Flash. While in its sequel called Justice League Unlimited, it brought a major expansion to DC's most famous team of heroes.

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3. X-Men Evolution

Drawings that marked the good morning and company - x-men evolution
X-Men Evolution / Image: Reproduction.

Along with Justice League, x-Men Evolution is one of the most acclaimed superhero cartoons, one of the most famous in the Good Morning and Company grid. Its success was such that some characters that only existed, that were created exclusively for this drawing, were even added to the comics due to all the success they had.

An example of such a character is X-23, who even appeared in Fox's latest Wolverine movie, Logan. However, what still intrigues fans is, why haven't they made a sequel to this day?

4. Super Shock

super shock drawing
Super Shock / Image: Reproduction

Hmmm smells like lunch! Who hasn't watched Super Shock at Bom Dia e Companhia moments before or during lunch? Super Shock marked an entire generation, to the point that when the Super Shock Live Action people joke that they'll have to take lunch to eat at the cinemas!

Addressing various topics mainly related to social and racial inequality, Super Shock is extremely important. But its success didn't just come from the topics covered, the opening is remarkable, the character is captivating and playful, not to mention that at a certain moment characters from the Justice League began to make appearances in the drawing, making it super exciting to watch waiting for the characters to participate already. known.

5. The Powerpuff Girls

Super powerful girls
The Powerpuff Girls / Image: Reproduction.

Not only drawings with complex and well-developed stories were successful, among the best drawings of Bom Dia e Companhia, we have The Powerpuff Girls, a classic Cartoon Network cartoon. Several cartoons from the station aired on Bom Dia e Cia, however, without a doubt, this is the one that stood out the most.

Excellent voice acting, iconic characters, and fun-to-watch stories appealed to all male and female audiences alike.

6. Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry
Tom and Jerry / Image: Reproduction.

Speaking of classic design, how can I not mention one of the most classics that exists, Tom and Jerry. Even playing the oldest episodes, or the most recent ones, Tom and Jerry always got a good laugh. One of the best drawings, proving that a good drawing transcends the barrier of time, Tom and Jerry was created in 1940 by the brothers Hanna and Barbera!

Character designs chasing a goal but never achieving it have always been successful, starting with Tom and Jerry. Similar to them we have Papa Léguas and Piu-Piu and Frajola.

7. Scooby-Doo

Scooby Doo
Scooby-Doo / Image: Reproduction.

Hanna Barbera was present at Bom Dia e Cia, there were several drawings by the producer that were featured on the program's schedule. Among them Scooby-Doo, one of the best cartoons of all time!

Who didn't like to watch Scooby-Doo, especially the movies that had more elaborate and complex stories, different villains, stories involving various cultures from different parts of the world. And the main thing, try to guess before the end of the episode who the real villain was!

8. Naruto

Classic Naruto, best good morning drawings and CIA
Naruto / Image: Reproduction.

Despite not being broadcast in full, Naruto managed to become one of the most anticipated drawings of the Good Morning and Company grid. Perhaps because it is something very innovative, a drawing about ninjas, with a more serious and heavy grip, but without letting go of comic relief.

Naruto passing on Bom dia e Cia was the first experience of many Brazilians with the world of anime, being it the gateway. Especially when many discovered that he had a sequel, albeit subtitled, looking for ways to continue watching.

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9. The Winx Club

Good morning and company: winx club
The Winx Club / Image: Reproduction.

It may even seem strange to have a design focused only on the female audience among the best, but the Winx Club managed to please both girls and boys. In the same way 3 Spies Too Much did in the competition. I doubt you'll find anyone who doesn't know how to sing at least the beginning of the opening of Clube das Winx, after all it's quite remarkable.

Winx tells the story of a group of fairies who often need to use their powers to save the world from evil. The premise may seem “simple”, but the Winx Club has become one of the most popular cartoons in the entire world! To the point of winning a Live Action series on Netflix. See the Review on here.

10. The Teen Titans

Teen titans best good morning cartoons and company
The Teen Titans / Image: Reproduction.

One of DC's little-known teams, but which won a drawing so well done that it managed to do very well on its own without big names like Superman. It brought good development to little-known characters, and also to Robin, already known, but this time as a leader.

Although he could often bring up serious social problems in his stories, the Teen Titans didn't leave out good humor and good character development. Counting on a story drawing that is often continuous, it is necessary to have watched the previous episodes to understand what is happening. Something not very present in the drawings of Bom Dia e Companhia.

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