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Meet All the Dragon Cave Characters!

Iconic design that marked an entire generation, much of this due to its captivating characters!

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Do you remember all the Dragon's Cave characters? If your answer is a “no” or maybe you are in doubt, I invite you to embark with me on this article, because you will enjoy reading it. These characters certainly marked people's childhood between the 80s and 2000s, thus crossing generations.

And in case you didn't already know, Cave of the Dragon was a series from Marvel Productions, TSR and Toei Animation, and 27 episodes were produced. And yet, these 27 episodes were divided into a total of 3 seasons.

In this series, we saw a group of 6 children, who after a roller coaster ride ended up in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. And after having ended up in this world, these young people dressed in their characters and possessing the Weapons of Power.

And in this new world, these kids know the "Master of the Wizards”, responsible for guiding them. It is worth mentioning that this same Master appeared out of nowhere and disappeared even more out of nowhere.

A detail about this drawing is that when they finally managed to get close to returning home, something happened and stopped them. With that, many theories emerged, and one of them was that these children died on that roller coaster and are living in the world of the dead, sinister, right?

Dragon's Cave Characters

As we have already mentioned, at first we were introduced to a group of children, who in turn were six. But I need to tell you that the universe of Cavern of the Dragon goes much further than these six children who accidentally fell into this Kingdom.

And we saw that during these three seasons of this series, where we were introduced to other beings from this world that certainly left a mark on many people. And without further ado, below you can check out who are the characters from the Cave of the Dragon.

Hank – The Guard

Hank - the guard, dragon's cave
Image: Disclosure/Hank – The Guard – Cave of the Dragon

I'm going to open this list with the characters from the Cave of the Dragon quoting none other than Hank, who is the leader of the group. However, this 15-year-old young man didn't become a leader because he wanted to, but because of the roller coaster events.

He actually took this leadership position out of feeling a little guilty about allowing his friends into the Kingdom. Soon, he starts doing everything to reverse this situation and then get everyone out of there.

Diana – The Acrobat

Diana the Acrobat - Dragon's Cave
Image: Playback/Diana – The Acrobat – Cave of the Dragon

Now it's time to talk about our first female character, which is Diana, a girl with a very strong personality. Besides, of course, always showing himself to be an extremely confident person, and this on several occasions of danger during the course of the adventures.

She has acrobatic skills, both in the Kingdom they entered and in the real world, and uses them to attack her enemies. About one of the Weapons of Power that she received, it was the Baton, which helps her to perform her movements with mastery.

Eric – The Knight

Eric – the knight, dragon cave characters
Image: Disclosure/Eric – The Knight – Cave of the Dragon

Now we're going to talk about a boy who had rich parents and was very spoiled since he was little, and do you know what the result of that was? He ended up acquiring an extremely arrogant and selfish personality, sometimes even putting the group at risk.

As we can see, he carries the shield, which is nothing less than one of the weapons of power. Although he hates that kingdom, we can already see on some occasions that he shows interest in continuing to live there.

Sheila – The Ladina

Sheila – the rogue dragon cave characters
Image: Reproduction/Sheila – The Rogue – Cave of the Dragon

I don't know if you know, but Sheila is the older sister of Bobby, and that's why he's always trying to protect him. About her weapon of power, she received the Hood, which has the ability to make her invisible while using it. So then, she ends up serving as the “Stealth” part of the group.

A fact that you may not know about Sheila but that we can see throughout the series is her fear of being alone.

Bobby – The Barbarian

Bobby – The Barbarian, Dragon's Cave Characters
Image: Publicity/O Bárbaro – Caverna do Dragão

If we talked about Sheila above, now it's time for us to talk about her eight-year-old younger brother, Bobby. And despite his young age, he also has one of the weapons of power, which is a club. The blows of this club can break objects and also generate small seismic shocks.

An interesting fact about Bobby is that he has a huge affection for Uni, even being able to understand her language and emotions.

Presto – The Mage

Presto - the mage, dragon's cave
Image: Reproduction/O Mago – Caverna do Dragão

Well, I'll tell you right away that “Presto” is not the real name of this character from Cave of the Dragon, but Albert. He even got that nickname in high school, due to his magic tricks that he performed there.

About his Weapon of Power, he ended up receiving a Sorcerer's Hat, which he uses to remove objects and perform some random magic tricks. However, he doesn't completely master the Hat, and is always causing unusual and funny situations when trying to perform his tricks.

Dungeon Master – Dungeon Master

Mage Master, Dragon's Cave
Image: Disclosure/Mestre dos Magi – Caverna do Dragão

Of the characters in the Dragon's Cave, the Dungeon Master is without a doubt one of the most mysterious in existence. And as you might already be guessing, he is responsible for guiding this group of young people in their relentless attempt to leave that kingdom.

And apparently, "Master of the Magicians" is not his real name, but a position he holds. It is noteworthy that he is presented to us as a person who is there to help, but no one has ever known for sure his true intentions.

Uni Dragon's Cave – Female Unicorn

uni dragon cave
Image: Disclosure/Uni- Caverna do Dragão

Now we are going to talk about a character who is not from our world, but who does not leave the group of young people on their journey through the kingdom. She is a female unicorn cub, and because she belongs to that kingdom, she could not come to ours, if those young people managed to return.

It is worth mentioning that this puppy has powers in his horn, but because he is too young, he still cannot master his skills.


Avenger, dragon cave characters
Image: Disclosure/Avenger – Cave of the Dragon

Well, the time has come for us to talk about the biggest villain in Cave of Dragons, which is none other than the Avenger. He who is an evil sorcerer, who possesses great mystical abilities.

Do you know who is possibly the father of this great villain? None other than Dungeon Master, at least that's what the Graveyard of Dragons episode revealed to audiences at home. Dungeon Master hints that he was once a good person, but it was one of his biggest mistakes. Thus, it reveals that he is the real father of the Avenger.


Tiamat Dragon Cave
Image: Playback/Tiamat – Cave of the Dragon

The time has come for us to talk about Tiemat, who is a goddess in the form of a dragon, with five heads. Oh, and each of those heads representing one of the dragon races from the first version of Dungeons & Dragons.

As for the place where she lives, it is in no less than the dragons' cemetery. Her function is that of guardian of the ancient bones of dragons and other magical weapons of the Realm.

One detail about her is that her power is so great that even the Avenger fears her.

Shadow demon

Dragon Cave Shadow Demon
Image: Disclosure/Demon of the Shadows – Cave of the Dragon

Closing this list with the characters from Caverna do Dragão, it's time for us to talk about the Demon of Shadows. At first, his only function was just that of an informant for the Avenger, where he investigated the actions of the boys.

However, over the course of the series, he even began to interact more with the group of heroes. It is noteworthy that the Demon of Shadows is completely loyal to the Avenger.


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