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Luffy Gear 5: Know all about this transformation!

Check out some fun facts about Luffy's newest transformation and how powerful he got!

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Today you'll see some curiosities and everything about Luffy Gear 5. For those who are fans of the work of One Piece, and have been following Luffy's transformations over the years, he certainly had a big surprise with this last transformation.

If you're in this post, you're probably up to date with the anime, if not, I must warn you that we'll have spoilers for those who haven't gotten there yet. In chapter 1053 we can see that Luffy was considered the youngest Yonko, or the fifth Emperor, if you are more familiar. 

And now that he has reached this incredible level, have you stopped to think how the world will see him from now on? After all, Luffy simply managed to defeat Kaido, the strongest creature in the world. And considering this great feat of the much-loved Straw Hat, it's likely that the world will treat him differently. 

Luffy's new Gear 5 power

Luffy gear 5: know all about this transformation!
Monkey D. Luffy Transformation Gear 5

Luffy's new Gear 5 transformation shows just how powerful he's become in addition to being sinister, it can even compare with the powers of a god. Luffy's fight against Lucci is giving something to talk about. 

And in chapter 1070, Luffy did something curious and very specific, and this shows that his power level has reached another level, indeed, of a god. As bizarre as it sounds, he removed part of his hair and turned it into glasses.

That's right, he managed to extract a part of his body, and managed to transform it into another unique object. This is really 'sinister' as he can do just about anything, and indeed his Devil Fruit powers have no limits. 

This gives Luffy monstrous freedom, and we can't even imagine what oda can do about it in the next chapters of the manga. This opens up an almost finite range of possibilities. 

We've already seen Luffy turn the floor to rubber, and even his enemies to rubber, but turning part of his body into another object is really raising the bar, it's another level.

A Gear Awakening

In the vast majority of Luffy's Gears, they were created by himself, practically he had to invent them. In Gear 2's case, he was able to develop it after watching the CP9s use Soru, and the first time he used his Devil Fruit, to get his blood pumping in his body faster. 

Already in Gear 3, we can see that he pumped air directly through his bones to create limbs of a giant and in Gear 4 he could pump air into his muscles to increase tension, raising the power of Haki.

In the case of Luffy Gear 5, everything was very different, instead of finding a way to use the power of his fruit in an intelligent way and improve, Luffy simply managed to awaken where his mind realized the true potential and the rise of his powers.

The appearance of a Mythic Zoan

Unexpectedly, it was recently revealed that the Gomu Gomu no Mi fruit used by Luffy is not a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit. Instead, there is a mythical Zoan Devil Fruit called the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika. 

This fruit is simply absurd in every conceivable way. Not only does this provide Luffy with great freedom and affect everyone around him, but it also gives him a substantial rubber body. Awakening increases his powers and gives him a new transformation, hence the name Gear 5.

Awakening and the Drums of Liberation

In the great arc of Wano, in Luffy's battle against Kaido, Luffy was sometimes defeated, before the great battle where he managed to defeat one of the great emperors. 

In his third battle against Kaido, due to interference from one of the CP0 members, Luffy received a powerful attack where he was completely crushed by Kaido. Not only did Luffy lose the battle but there it was implicitly shown that his heart had stopped beating. 

However, it was there that his Devil Fruit finally awakened and even Luffy's heartbeat was different. And where there were supposed to be simple regular heartbeats Luffy could hear something known as the Drums of Liberation.

a new transformation

Luffy gear 5: know all about this transformation!
Monkey D. Luffy Transformation Gear 5

Luffy Gear 5 is a unique transformation in more ways than one. Not only is Luffy much more powerful, but the form design is also very intriguing. When Luffy entered Gear 5, he grew hair in the shape of flames. And more significantly, as Kaido himself mentioned, his entire color scheme is white.

We can see that Luffy represents the embodiment of Freedom in One Piece. And Luffy Gear 5 can take that quality to a much higher level. And we can say, that Luffy has been described as the warrior of liberation thanks to his Gear 5. And according to Gorosei, Luffy spreads laughter wherever he goes and faces his enemies with incredible freedom.

And we observe all this in his fight against Kaido, where he demonstrates his freedom in his use of rubber where he can even affect Kaido, where he turns him into rubber and even some inanimate objects such as lightning.

And those were some observations and curiosities about Luffy Gear 5. And if you like One Piece Find Out Now Who Is Joy Boy. You can also watch this short video below where he talks about some curiosities about Luffy Gear 5.

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