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Find Out Now Who Is Joy Boy From One Piece!

Find out who this mysterious figure is, who is the one mentioned in the most recent chapters of One Piece, Joy Boy!

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Even today, many One Piece fans ask themselves the following question, “who is Joy Boy?”. And of course the people here at News Geek couldn't go without talking about this subject and revealing to you who Joy Boy is. In fact, he was a very relevant figure in the Lost Century, in addition to having a very crucial role in the history of Fish-Man Island.

And when we talk about Joy Boy, it's practically impossible for us not to remember that he left behind an item of great value. Remembering that this item was left in the history of Fish-Man Island.

And in case you're curious or curious to know when the first mention of the Joy Boy happened, I'm going to tell you now. This fact was shown in the Poneglyph, which was even read by Nico Robin, another very iconic character from one piece.

A rather curious fact about him is that the Goal D Roger he wished the two could have lived during the same period. And that was when he learned the true story in Laugh Tale, the Earth where the One Piece treasure would be.

It's worth noting that due to Kozuki Oden expecting Joy Boy to reappear 900 years after his last appearance and King thinking that Kaido might have been a figurehead, "Joy Boy" could possibly refer to a title or identity that one can achieve.

Joy Boy Personality

joy boy personality
Joy Boy?

In case you'd like to know about Joy Boy's personality, I'm sorry to inform you, but not much is known about this subject. However, based on an apology message that exists on the Poneglyph, we can assume he had a lot of regret. And the reason for this regret was that he had not been able to fulfill his promise to Fish-Man Island.

Joy Boy's Story

Now that you already know a little about who Joy Boy is and also a possible personality he had, let's talk about his story. And his story begins to be told about 900 years ago, when the residents of Fishmen made a promise to a man. And the man these villagers made a promise to was named guess what, Joy Boy. And he tried to create Noah with the help of Poseidon, however, he ended up breaking his promise to the Fish-Man Island.

However, Fish-Man Island ended up promising that Noah would be safe until a certain day came along. Joy Boy, in turn, left a letter – poneglyph – for Poseidon, and in this letter he apologized for having broken his part of the agreement. And at some point, he ended up becoming a buddy of Zunesha.

Another point about Joy Boy, is that he also came across an island, and that same island would later be called Laugh Tale. And guess what, he named this island Laugh Tale… None other than the name “Golden Roger”, responsible for leaving behind a treasure that would come to be known to the world as One Piece.

Remembering that after Monkey D. Luffy was defeated by Kaido on the roof of Onigashima, Zunesha simply proclaimed that she can hear the "Drums of Liberation" and that Joy Boy has returned.

It was then that Luffy started to regain his consciousness and gave a smile, this while apparently going through a transformation.

Summary About Who is Joy Boy

Summary about who is joy boy
Who is Joy Boy?

Now the time has come where I will summarize who Joy Boy is, so that you know exactly who he is. And to begin with, I want to tell you that he is nothing less than a title of a character from the lost century.

And this lost century is a period of history that spans more than 100 years, and which in turn has been erased. For you to have an idea, he was so important that he managed to order at least one poneglyph. And as you may already know, this poneglyph was made specifically to be used as a letter of apology to fishmen and merfolk.

Anyway, here ends another article of ours, where I revealed all the details about who Joy Boy is. If you liked the content, don't forget to share it with all your friends and on all your Social Networks.


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