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Check it out: HBO Max Best Animes, the 7 Best!

Looking for anime to watch on HBO Max? Check out a list of some of the best

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Today we are going to talk about HBO Max Best Animes, where we are actually going to list the 7 best that exist on this platform. And when you finish reading this article, I bet anyone that you will leave here and go straight to watch one of those Animes that I will mention.

Because we know very well that there is nothing better than arriving on a weekend or holiday and going to watch an Anime. A point on this list that may be positive for some and negative for others is the fact that it is Anime in film format. This fact is positive for those people who study or work and don't have time to watch an Anime of at least 100 episodes. And negative for those people who have plenty of time and would like to spend days and days watching episodes of a certain Anime.

Anyway, returning to the main subject of this Article, which is HBO Max Best Animes, below I will mention the 7 best ones, let's go.

7: One Piece Gold: The Movie (2016)

one piece gold the movie
One Piece Gold

I'm going to open this list talking about an Anime movie that conquered fans in various parts of the world, especially here in Brazil. And yes, I'm talking about One Piece, a production that tells the story of a crew of Pirates, where the leader is Luffy.

And in that movie he talks about their dream, which is to win the biggest prize, where they sail straight to gold. However, a king with great ambitions and very powerful ends up causing potential disaster for the Straw Hat Pirates and the New World.

And as you already know, this One Piece Anime movie is available there on HBO Max, just search and watch.

6: My Hero Academia – Rise of the Heroes (2019)

My hero academia - rise of heroes
My Hero Academia – Rise of the Heroes

Now we will continue our list talking about an Anime My Hero Academia movie, and I bet you already know or heard about it. This anime tells the story of Izuku Midoriya, he is a normal person who lives in a world where practically everyone has superhuman powers.

However, living in a world being a normal person where practically everyone has superhuman powers is not Izuku Midoriya's biggest problem. Because he has no power, he ends up suffering constantly at the hands of his classmates.

Well, now we will finally release the synopsis of the movie My Hero Academia – Rise of Heroes that was released in 2019. In a very brief way, it talks about Class 1 heroes, where they have to face a villain. But this villain has an eerily familiar gift, reminding you that the main focus is protecting a peaceful island.

5: Time with You (2019)

Time with you - hbo max best anime
Time with You

Continuing this HBO Max list of the best animes, we reached the Top 5, where we will talk about the 2019 movie O Tempo com Você. live in Tokyo.

A detail about Hodaka's story is that he left without a penny in his pocket, but after many days, he ends up finding a job in a dubious magazine. On a certain day, he ends up meeting a girl amid the hustle and bustle of the big city Hina (Nana Mori) is her name. She is a cheerful girl who, due to a series of circumstances, lives alone with her younger brother.

But Hina is not an ordinary girl, because she has a power that impresses Hodaka, that of controlling time.

4: Our 7 Day War (2019)

Our 7 Day War
Our 7 Day War

The time has come for us to talk about “Our 7 Day War”, which is a movie that was released in the year 2019. It starts talking about a hot day, just before the summer vacation and you know what happens on this day that was it supposed to be normal? All the middle school kids in a high school simply disappear.

Was it an accident, kidnapping or something? No, it wasn't like that, these kids in an abandoned factory by a river, and using this place as a release to rebel against the adults.

Anyway, this is a film full of mysteries and also satire that I bet you will really enjoy watching.

3: Parallel Worlds (2019)

anime parallel worlds
Parallel worlds

And now we come to the Top 3 of this HBO Max Best Anime list, where we will talk about a 2019 movie, Parallel Worlds. And by the title, I bet you might already be imagining what this Anime is about, or even already have a certain notion.

Shin and Kotori are two high school students, they are ordinary people living in Tokyo, Japan. One day, Shin meets his perfect doppelganger, a boy named Jin who claims to come from a parallel world ruled by a princess. Only she is not a good princess, but an evil one, and in order to save her family, she must quickly find the stalker's double.

Only the lives of high school students change when Shin discovers that the princess of darkness looks like his friend.

2: Beyond the Sky (2020)

beyond the sky anime
Beyond the sky

Now we are going to talk about Beyond the Sky, which is a 2020 Anime film, but which arrived on HBO Max in this year of 2022. In this production you will meet Mio, who has feelings for her childhood best friend, Arata, but cannot talk to him about this matter.

On a certain day, while the two continued their delicate relationship, they ended up fighting over something trivial. And right after they calm down, Mio goes to make up with him, this in the rain. However, on the way, she ends up suffering a traffic accident, and when she regains consciousness, a mysterious and unknown world appears before her eyes.

1: Your Name (2017)

Your name anime - hbo max anime
Your Name

And finally we reach the Top 1 of this list of HBO Max best animes, where we will talk about the movie Your Name, from 2017. This movie tells the story of Mitsuha Miyamizu (Mone Kamishiraishi), who is a young woman who lives in the interior of the Japan🇧🇷 But there comes a time when she decides to change the course of her life, leaving the small town to live in Tokyo.

Meanwhile, Taki Tachibana (Ryûnosuke Kamiki), a young man who works at an Italian restaurant in Tokyo, wants to quit his job to try to become an architect. The two do not know each other, but they are directly and mysteriously connected through the images of their dreams.

And here is the end of another article of ours, where we talk about HBO Max best Animes. If you liked the content, please share it with all your friends and on all your Social Networks.


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