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Could Minato be Tsunade's son? Understand this theory better!

Know some reasons that affirm this theory and all its curiosities!

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We will see below some theories and reasons that lead us to believe that Minato namikaze is actually Tsunade's son. Certainly a somewhat questionable theory but it makes a lot of sense according to these theories.

There are many people who believe in this theory, and it started due to the resemblance between Naruto, Dan and Nawaki, and also after Minato's age was revealed, and also due to Tsunade's hair color.

And so, due to the physical similarities between Tsunade and Minato, these theories began to spread that claimed that he was the son of the fifth Hokage and that made him gain a lot of notoriety in the world. otaku, thus creating several discussions.

Minato Namikaze would be Tsunade's son

Could Minato be Tsunade's son? Understand this theory better!
Tsunade and Minato

So let's go over the six arguments that Minato Namikaze is Tsunade's son. One of the many mysteries left behind by the conclusion of the Naruto anime is undoubtedly the identity of the red-eyed reaper, Minato Namikaze. Almost nothing about the character's past is revealed, going through the course of the series. Nobody knows who his parents are, or even if "Namikaze" is just his last name.

Although there is nothing concrete, the Naruto databook and manga show some reasons for us to believe that in fact Minato namikaze is the son of Tsunade and Dan. So one of the first reasons is that Nawaki, who is Tsunade's younger brother, has an incredible resemblance to Naruto, which makes us think that it's not just a big coincidence, isn't it?

The second reason would be the same blood type that Tsunade and Naruto share. The anime made it very clear that his blood type is B. Which gives us a certain emphasis on this subject as it goes between the lines that there would be a certain correlation in the air.

The third reason why Minato is Tsunade's son, generated a lot of discussion and created a lot of theory for his story. It is the famous necklace that is passed down from generation to generation in which, after the fight against Kabuto and Orochimaru, Tsunade gives Naruto implying that she would be his supposed grandmother. 

Furthermore, our dear protagonist uses the term "Grandma" when referring to the Fifth Hokage. Due to this reference some theories can be created, including that Minato is son of Tsunade. Still speaking of the hokage necklace, it has been passed down from generation to generation since Hashirama's legacy which makes it very clear that Naruto may be from Tsunade's family.

Could Minato be Tsunade's son? Understand this theory better!
Hokage necklace with Naruto

The fourth reason would be the hokage that, according to Madara, the lineage of the hokage has always been from the Senju clan. Therefore, the Hokage inheritance was always assured by the members of this clan, even during the management of Minato Namikaze.

Also, a flashback during his speech shows the Hokage monuments, obviously with Minato in attendance. In this way, the Fourth Hokage can be a Senju. Where could he inherit the Senju lineage from if not Tsunade blood?

Another reason that we can take into account is the similarity between hair color and appearance since Minato and Tsunade have the same hair color and Dan has his fringe pointed in the same way as Minato, in addition, Minato and Dan graduated from the academy aged 10.

The relationship between Naruto and Tsunade

It is worth mentioning the way that Naruto treats Tsunade throughout the anime, always referring to her as grandma, as mentioned earlier. It may even be irony, but this has been debated among anime fans.

According to the Tale of Jiraiya, Jiraiya actually fell in love with Tsunade, but at the same time, he became part of the family and Naruto's ''father''. In other words, everything fit perfectly with the book. Throughout the story, everything is intertwined with Naruto and Tsunade's relationship.

Regarding Minato's parents, there are other theories that point out that his father could become Jiraiya, if you want to know a little more about this theory, click on here. After the theory of Tsunade being Minato's possible mother went viral in the otaku world, other theories soon appeared regarding who would be Minato's supposed father and, of course, theories that refute everything that has been said so far.

Who was Minato Namikaze

Could Minato be Tsunade's son? Understand this theory better!
Minato - Hokage's Cloak

Although in classic Naruto it wasn't mentioned much, Minato was seen as the hero who gave his life so that Korra could survive. And his achievements in life were quite remarkable, as he was considered to single-handedly change the course of an entire war, he was one of the youngest Hokage in Konoha history.

Minato was also discipled by one of the three legendary Sannins, Jiraiya was with him that he learned one of the most used and known wind style jutsu in all anime that is the Rasengan. In addition to this powerful jutsu, he also dominated the second Hokage's teleportation technique and the death seal jutsu used by Hiruzen Sarutobi. See a little more about this theory that Minato may be Tsunade's son in the following video:

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