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July 2020 Astronomical Events

Observable events here in Brazil for you to keep an eye on!

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The month of July promises us a sky full of astronomical events, from a lunar eclipse at the beginning of the month, there is a meteor shower in addition to also highlighting the giants of our solar system! Check out which astronomical events the heavens have in store for us in July 2020, and when they will happen and if they will be visible here in Brazil.

Calendar of Astronomical Events for the month of July (2020):

05 - Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

July astronomical events. Demonstration of the different types of eclipses.
Image: Reuters/ITGD Design Team/Vikas Vashisht/Vikram Gautam

Exactly 1 month after the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse occurred in Month of June, on July 5th we will again have a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse visible here in Brazil, on Sunday (5th). But as it is not a complete eclipse, but a Penumbral eclipse, it may go unnoticed by many. This is because the color acquired by the moon is more subtle than in a complete or partial eclipse…

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, happens when the moon aligns with the Earth and the Sun, but during this alignment the moon is "covered" by the weakest shadow projected by the planet, located in the Penumbra that is the partial shadow. As it is not overshadowed by Umbra (full shadow), the change in the color of the satellite is more subtle, leaving it with a more smoky color.

14 – Highlight of Jupiter

planet jupiter
Largest Planet in the Solar System, Jupiter

On the 14th of July, it will be possible to witness the astronomical event that highlights bodies in the sky. This event happens when the celestial body, in this case the Planet Jupiter, will be in opposition to the Sun, while it is in closer proximity to the Planet Earth. Such a circumstance will cause the Planet to be Bigger, and Brighter during the night.


Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System, with a gaseous constitution. Due to its size, it was named after the King of the Gods, Jupiter is the equivalent of Zeus but in Roman mythology. Jupiter is so colossal that its mass is twice that of all the Planets in the Solar System together, in addition to being the biggest, it also has the most natural satellites (moons), having already been identified more than 60!

20 – Saturn Highlight

The giants of the Solar System will be highlighted during the Month of July, the same astronomical event that will highlight Jupiter, will also happen with Saturn. That is, during July the 2 largest planets in our solar system will gain prominence during the night.

28 – 29 Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower

Astronomical Events July - Meteor Shower
Meteor rain

July also has a Meteor Shower for us, even if it is not the specific one for this month since it happens annually between July 12th and August 23rd. However, it is during the 28th and 29th that the event will be at its peak, when it can be observed more frequently.

The Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower, happens due to the entry of particles from the Marsden and Kracht comets  in the Earth's atmosphere.

Anyway… These are some of the main astronomical events that will happen during the month of July, and that can be seen here in Brazil.

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