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Mysterious Fireball filmed in the Australian sky!

A mysterious fireball crossed the skies of Australia, leaving scientists intrigued, as well as leaving residents worried!

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The registration was made on Monday (15) around 1 am local time. Filming was made possible due to the mysterious ball shining in the skies for about 30 seconds! More than enough time for residents to pick up their cell phones and register the moment.

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What is the Mysterious Fireball?

Well, it is still not known what this fireball is about, nothing has been confirmed by anyone… After all, scientists are still trying to decipher and explain what happened. But Renae Sayers the research ambassador at Curtin University's Center for Science, Technology and Space, argued that it was a natural object, most likely a meteorite.

A burning satellite? A UFO? … although there are some possible causes that could explain the appearance of the mysterious fireball in the skies of Australia. However, the possible origin of the phenomenon is really, among so many options, the most frequent one is a meteorite! That burned when entering the Earth's atmosphere until it broke into pieces... What indicates and reinforces the possibility that it is a meteorite is the color presented in the flame, which indicates the presence of a high Iron Content, which is common in this type of material. space.

She still defends that it is not a debris from a satellite or something similar that has fallen, due to the absence of cracks and sparks, which are present thanks to the burning of materials. What was not seen in the footage…

About Meteorites

Mysterious fireball filmed in australia sky! - suttersmill fall
Photographic record of the fall of Sutter's Mill, April 22, 2012.

Unlike meteors (known as shooting stars), they do not burn up and fall apart as soon as they hit the Earth's atmosphere. That is, its “burning” in the atmosphere occurs for a longer duration. They are more frequent than it appears, so it doesn't cause such concern in the community, about 1 ton of space materials hit the earth daily, according to Othon Winter, researcher and professor of astronomy at Unesp (Universidade Estadual Paulista).

Very rarely meteorites reach the ground, at least in considerable sizes, because they disintegrate in the atmosphere. Its "burning" and disintegration in the atmosphere is due to the friction that occurs between the meteorite body along with the particles that make up our atmosphere, friction that overheats the material, causing the flames.

The mysterious fireball in the skies of Australia that is probably a meteorite is one that has iron in its composition due to the color of its flames. But meteorites can be either rocky or metallic, and they form from pieces of asteroids, comets, or even the "remains" of some planet.

Anyway… Have you ever witnessed an object burning in the skies? Then you can consider yourself lucky! I even happened to see a meteor burning in the skies, and it was very fast! If you liked the news or learned a little about meteors and meteorites, share it with your friends! And don't forget to comment.

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