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Learn All About the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt

Work of Extraterrestrials? Human construction? Everything climbs the pyramids of Egypt!

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Hey Geeker, how are you? Throughout the history of humanity many curiosities have not yet been revealed and one of them is about the pyramids of ancient Egypt. But why are there secrets and curiosities around these Pyramids? For the simple fact that the pyramids of Egypt were built more than 2,000 years before Christ, and at that time there were no materials for works of this magnitude.

Important Details About the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt

These Pyramids were made to guard the body of the pharaohs of the time and all their belongings, including their treasures. The Egyptians of the time believed that the pharaohs were sacred entities and that after their death they would have another life, so they were buried with all their belongings.

As these pharaohs carried treasures in their tombs, inside these pyramids there were several traps and several paths that led nowhere. It is worth noting that these trapping techniques ended up failing over time, as a report revealed that approximately 200 bodies of pharaohs were found and only 2 were in their proper places, that is, more than 99% of these bodies had already been looted.

Construction of these Millennial Works

Do you know how these Egyptian pyramids were probably built? There used to be theories that said they were made by extraterrestrials, this theory existed and exists because of its technological magnitude at the time.

In case you were doubting the magnitude of these constructions, just to build the pyramid of Cheops, 2.3 million blocks were used. Each of these blocks weighs something around 2.5 to 80 tons, this pyramid is currently 147 meters high.

Egypt's pyramids
Egyptian pyramids as they were built

Apparently, for this pyramid to be built, thousands of people who worked practically like slaves were needed. For such heavy blocks to be pulled, it was believed that there was a water ramp, since things in the water are a little “lighter”. There is also the possibility of these blocks being pulled by trolleys with wheels.

How Many Pyramids Are There in Egypt?

To date, an incredible 123 pyramids have been discovered, but not all of them are standing or in good condition. The pyramids that until then are practically intact are those of Giza.

In fact, these pyramids are the three best known in Egypt, they are next to each other and are protected by a large structure of a lion with the face of a pharaoh. the smallest is the Tinys, then comes to chephren and the biggest one is cheops.

Speaking of discovered pyramids, so far the oldest discovered is that of the Pharaoh Djoser, from the Third Dynasty, built around the year 2660 BC. it is around 60 meters tall.

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