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Payments Via WhatsApp, Everything You Need to Know

WhatsApp will release the payment option through the app!

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On June 15th, WhatsApp informed that it will make a new tool available in the application, which will allow Payments on the platform. This WhatsApp Payments tool will undoubtedly help small or even large entrepreneurs a lot.

What is WhatsApp Payments anyway?

After all, what is whatsapp payments
After all, what is WhatsApp Payment? Payments Via Whatsapp

It is nothing more than a new feature within WhatsApp that will allow people to make money transfers between friends and relatives or even make payments for a product or service. You will have to configure your credit or debit card in order to make transfers/payments.

Can I Make Payments Via WhatsApp Web?

Will I be able to make payments via whatsapp web?
Can I Make Payments Via WhatsApp Web? Look!

So far, nothing has been reported about it, but perhaps this feature has already been delivered in the WhatsApp Web model. To access WhatsApp Web is very simple, just access the website, a QR code will appear, click on the WhatsApp Web in the mobile app and scan the QR code that appeared on the website.

Is It Safe to Use This Feature?

Many internet users are fearing a possible lack of security, as some criminals manage to clone WhatsApp numbers. To avoid possible crimes like this, to confirm a transaction you will need approval via a PIN code of your choice or Digital from your cell phone.

If you still don't feel very safe, know that WhatsApp allows a two-step login, what do you mean two-step login? As soon as you create your account in the application, it will ask for a PIN code created by you to continue the creation step. Ruan, I just want to feel safe making payments via whatsapp with the two-step login, how do I create it? Simple, just open your WhatsApp, click on “Settings” to “Account” to “Two-Step Confirmation” and choose a PIN of your choice.

Which Cards Are Accepted When Adding the WhatsApp Payment Feature?

This feature is currently accepting Visa or MasterCard credit or debit cards. Until then, the main banks are: Nubank, Banco do Brasil and Sicredi (including the Woop digital account).

If this feature is as successful as it is expected to be, then obviously WhatsApp will partner with more banks.

Remembering that this feature is still in the test phase and the first country that is receiving it is Brazil.

How to make Payment on WhatsApp?

You will first have to configure Facebook Pay, add your credit card, this feature is in the app itself. Anyway, after having configured Facebook Pay you will have to click paperclip icon, payment, enter the value, click the send icon, then click pay and then confirm the payment using the PIN that was created in Facebook Pay.

Well, this was another article from our site telling you a little more about a new feature that is coming.

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