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Killer Wasps Arrive in the US

2020 is not for amateurs!

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The year 2020 is no joke, amid a global pandemic that stopped the whole world, we just received the news that we now also have Killer Wasps, do you know where they were found? In the United States, which is currently the Epicenter of the Pandemic in the world, there was even a day that more than 4 thousand deaths were recorded there. Remembering that these 4 thousand deaths recorded in one day were because of Covid-19, in total more than 80 thousand deaths have already been recorded.

What is the Origin of Killer Wasps?

As we all know, covid-19 originated in China, which is part of Asia, and do you know where these wasps are also from? That's right, from West Asia and Japan, apparently Asia is no joke.

But how did a wasp of Asian origin get to the USA? It is not yet known, but there are many speculations, one of which is that these insects arrived by mistake with Containers from Asia.

Are there already recorded deaths from these wasps?

Yes, recently a farmer was found lying down, he was tending a beehive, he was injured in the eyebrow. This man was 54 years old and the incident took place in Villestro, in Galicia (Spain). Remembering that the man was located by his friend still alive, but when help arrived, he had already died.

One thing that we can see is that the Killer Vespa is of Asian origin and was located last year for the first time in the USA and has already been a victim in Spain, do we have a proliferation of these Vespas all over the world? Only time will tell, we hope not.

How big are these wasps?

It is much larger than a normal wasp, its size can reach 5 cm, which when opening its wings, its wingspan can reach 8 cm. Its jaw is quite sharp, in addition to being sharp, it carries its powerful venom. His Poison is capable of decimating an entire hive in a matter of a short time.

It is worth remembering that this wasp has been around for a few decades, that is, maybe we shouldn't worry so much about them. But we can't forget that the Coronavirus has been around for decades too and even so, after years without it attacking, it was able to kill thousands of people daily in 2020.

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