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Why didn't Captain America Raise Mjolnir Before Endgame?

He was already able to get up in Age of Ultron, and he didn't want to

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Speak Geekers, ok? We all got goosebumps at the Captain America Raising Mjolnir scene back in Avengers: Endgame, but could he lift the hammer before this event happens? Come with me and I'll tell you all my opinion about it.

Back in Avengers: Age of Ultron, we can see that the hammer gave a little shake when Cap tried to lift it, but did it really move? This answer unfortunately could not give you with conviction because there are two alternatives to this question, or even more, who knows….

Did Captain America Realize He Could Lift Mjolnir and Didn't Want to "Shame" Thor?

Fans of Marvel's Card Card always come up with this speculation, which by the way has a basis of truth, a background not very true. We all know that Cap is an extremely nice person, and that made him lift the hammer back in Endgame. But we're not talking about Endgame, we're talking about Age of Ultron. Most likely you must have seen the face that Thor made when he saw the Hammer move, and this face he made makes it very clear that yes, the Hammer moved.

Remembering that even in this same movie, the vision lifted the hammer as if it were a simple toy, confirming that he was a person without evil.

The Captain Wasn't Worthy Yet and Why Did He Not Lift His Hammer?

Despite Steve Rogers being a pure, unapologetic person in the movie Captain America: Civil War, something frightening has been revealed about him.

Civil War took place after Ultron, and in Civil War it was discovered that Cap knew who killed Tony Stark's parents. As we know, Tony Stark in addition to being Iron Man, is also a friend of Steve Rogers. Because Captain America belongs to Iron Man and never reveals to him who killed his parents, maybe that made him unable to lift Mjolnir, remembering that the one who killed Tony's parents was the Winter Soldier, who was also a friend. of Captain America, it was precisely for this reason that the captain did not want to reveal this fact.

It is also worth mentioning that the Winter Soldier was having his mind manipulated, he did it without realizing what he was doing.

Was Captain America half dignified, and that's why he moved the Hammer just a little?

This is also a speculation worth watching, he was pure but kept this secret about Tony Stark's parents. By being pure and keeping this secret, he was only able to move Mjolnir a little. By being able to re-friend Tony in Endgame and having his mind clear, with no more secrets, maybe he became 100% Worthy to the point of lifting the hammer, after all, that's what happened.


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