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Van Helsing: Vampire Hunter is getting a new movie.

The intelligent and famous Vampire Hunter Van Helsing will win a new film, with production by James Wan of Aquaman and directed by Julius Avery (Operation Overlord). Understand!

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THE Universal is starting its own cinematographic universe, popularly known as darkverse, that's because it's a shared universe of your monster movies. For the creation of such, she has been doing a series of classic movie remakes. And the next remake to happen will be in the Van Helsing universe!

The production of the remake of Van Helsing will be on behalf of James Wan director and screenwriter of great renown, especially when it comes to "supernatural" films, check out James Wan's filmography on here. While James Wan is in charge of producer, the director of the langa will be Julius Avery, who among the most recent films directed Operation Overlord released in 2018.

However, although confirmed that the remake of the film is confirmed, there is still no confirmation as to when production will begin on the film, or even its release. Which most likely won't happen before 2022.

Van Helsing

The famous Vampire Hunter, extremely skilled and intelligent, had his origins in Bram Stoker's Dracula. Over the years the character has been portrayed in theaters by actors Edward Van Sloan, Peter Cushing, Anthony Hopkins and Hugh Jackman, with Hugh Jackman being the last to play the monster hunter in theaters.

But the character's history was not limited to the long ones, although the last movie related to him came out in 2004, the universe around the character also gained a series. The series called Van Helsing (available at Netflix) follows the daughter of the legendary vampire hunter. Who is resurrected 5 years after her death, and discovers that vampires have taken over the world.


The Darkverse as mentioned is Universal Studio's idea of creating a shared universe between some of their monster films. The film that would kick off the creation of this shared universe of monsters is the Mummy film, a remake released in 2017 and starring Tom Cruise. However, due to the poor reception of the remake of the film released in 1932, Universal seemed to have become discouraged from the project.

But with the great success of The Invisible Man (2020), the studio has been trying to revive the project. Where does the remake of Van Helsing come in, which if successful promises to inject even more enthusiasm to take the project forward.

Anyway, what do you think about a Van Helsing remake? Do you think you have everything to work out, or was it better to leave it alone?

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