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The 10 Best Comedy Series Ever Made!

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Are you in the mood to watch a Comedy series, to give that distracted and pass the time but don't know which one to choose? Check out the list of the 10 Best Comedy Series ever made! And have a good idea to choose what to watch or re-watch.

Surely at some time in your life you have watched a good comedy, many will probably hit some names on this list or have probably watched more than half of it. Remembering that this is not a list of its own created by the News Geek team, and does not reflect our opinions, although I personally agree with most of it.

This list was raised through a study carried out by the onbuy, and the criterion for ranking was as follows: 120 people compulsively watched 10 of the main comedy series that exist in the world, and to choose which are the best, the total duration of laughter for each show was measured, managing to determine the amount of laughter provided each hour. What cuminol in the following list:

10 – The Big Bang Theory

The 10 best comedy series ever made! - the big bang theory
Best Comedy Series – The Big Bang Theory

In tenth place, we have one of the darling series of the Nerds, The Big Bang Theory. A sitcom comedy, which follows a group of Nerd friends and the situations they end up facing on a daily basis, where many of the fans can identify. Counting on 12 seasons, where it is the last. However for lovers, a spinoff series is still in the pipeline, titled Young Sheldon According to the research carried out, Laughter Time from The Big Bang Theory is from 6 sec.

The Big Bang Theory can be watched on HBO Max.

09 - Two and a Half Men

The 10 best comedy series ever made! - two and a half men
Best Comedy Series – Two and a Half Men

In ninth place, the research cites a series that was already present in the childhood of many, a little forgotten by time, perhaps due to the replacement of Charlie Sheen, who with his departure, according to many fans, lost its essence. Two and a Half Men, or Two and a Half Men, accompanies Charlie, played by Sheen, who is a very successful jingle composer. But he finds himself sheltering his brother Chiróprata for “a few days” after he separates from his wife. According to the research, the laugh time of 120 people watching Two and a Half Men was 10 sec.

Two and a Half Men is available in full on Amazon Prime Video.

08 – How I Met Your Mother

The 10 best comedy series ever made! - how i met your mother
Best Comedy Series – How I Met Your Mother

And eighth place went to How I Met Your Mother, or translated How I Met Your Mother, the series most compared to the next on the list, Toddy x Nescau of the series world. How i Met Your Mother follows the lives of five friends, told by Ted to his children, because as a young man he promised that when he was going to tell his children how he met their mother, he would tell the whole story… , the amount of laughter that How i Meet Your Mother caused in the audience was 24 sec.

How i Meet Your Mother is available in full on Amazon Prime Video.

07 - Friends

The 10 best comedy series ever made! - friends
Best Comedy Series – Friends

It's no surprise to anyone that Friends is on this list, although I think many might be disappointed with her placement. But it is undeniable the strength of Friends that from time to time always appears on the networks and media, which is a lot for a series ending in 2004! The series revolved around a group of friends who lived in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City. According to the study, Friends managed to get the 120 members of the audience 32s of laughter.

Friends is complete to watch anytime on HBO Max with all its 10 seasons, and with the special that brought the entire cast back together.

06 – Arrested Development

The 10 best comedy series ever made! - arrested development
Best Comedy Series – Arrested Development

Arrested Development is yet another sitcom series, this time following a dysfunctional family. But it's not just any dysfunctional family, it's the most dysfunctional family ever! Occupying the sixth position, Arrested Development managed to wrest from the audience 52 sec of laughter!

The first 5 seasons can be seen at Netflix.

05 – It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

The 10 best comedy series ever made! - its always sunny in philadelphia
Best Comedy Series – It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Fifth on the list goes to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which follows the lives of some friends who run an Irish Bar in South Philadelphia that is not very successful. They try at all costs to make their bar a success, even if it means getting into rolls that don't end well, but they never learn from their mistakes… It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia got the fifth spot on the list because it averaged laughs from 55 sec.

04 - Parks and Recreation

The 10 best comedy series ever made! - parks and recreation
Best Comedy Series – Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation follows the life of the deputy director of the Department of Parks and Recreation in the fictional city of Pawnee, which follows a documentary format, where the protagonist has a simple mission, to help a nurse transform a building into a park abandoned.

But she encounters difficulties, both in the bureaucratic processes on which her role depends, corrupt real estate agents, bad-tempered neighbors... In total there were 7 seasons, although with a very modest audience, it always managed to be renewed, and the fact that it is on this list proves that it was deserved. these renovations. In total, Parks and Recreation managed to draw from the audience 56 sec of laughter.

The series is complete, with all its 7 seasons in Amazon Prime Video!

03 - Community

The 10 best comedy series ever made! - community
Best Comedy Series – Community

The Bronze Medal goes to Community, which has 6 seasons. The American series follows a group of students at a fictional community university. The series focuses on the experiences of an ex-lawyer who returns to college after his degree is deemed invalid, and the people he meets there. Among all, she is the first to make the audience laugh for more than 1 minute, in total there were 1min 13sec!

Community is complete at Netflix.

02 – Brooklyn Nine Nine

The 10 best comedy series ever made! - brooklyn nine nine
Best Comedy Series – Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Whoever said that a police station is serious, everything goes according to code... is because they don't know the (fictional) 99th police station in New York. The police comedy series revolves around the detectives of this police station carrying out their duties, but with Jack Peralta as the protagonist.

Despite the regrets, methods adopted and personality of the detectives, things go well, or not... Brooklyn Nine-Nine, so far has 7 seasons, but before the seventh even came out, the eighth had already been announced. According to research, Brooklyn Nine-Nine managed to earn an average 1min 38sec of laughter from the audience for every hour of content watched.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is available here in Brazil at Netflix.

01 – The Office (US)

Best comedy series - the office
Best Comedy Series – The Office (US)

Perhaps someone could disagree as to which one deserved first place or not, but the quality of The Office is undeniable. Most likely you saw a cropped image of The Office somewhere and thought it was a meme, it's not real, The Office is surprisingly funny. The Office has a documentary format, but unlike all the others it doesn't have the famous laughs in the background. The Pseudo Documentary follows the lives of office workers, who have a boss who is not so “normal”.

As mentioned, it doesn't have the background laughs that are one of the hallmarks of a Sitcom, to make it as similar as possible to a true documentary. The Office managed to average 1min 45sec of laughter from the audience, thus achieving, according to the poll, the title of best comedy series.

The Office (US) is complete at Amazon Prime Video.

Anyway, you agree with the list, think there was a series that was wronged, disagree with the order… Comment!

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