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Nanatsu no Taizai Season 4 has a trailer released.

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I really wanted to be able to say that one of the most awaited anime for this year, but which unfortunately was postponed to next year due to all the events involving covid, was postponed to next year finally received new information, such as visuals etc. But after what happened in the third season, I would say that part of the "most awaited" is left behind.

But let's give it the air of doubt and give it a go until the season is finally released...

Trailer – Nanatsu no Taizai Season 4

The trailer for the 4th season of Nanatsu has finally been released. In it we can get a little idea of what to expect from the next season. Although it does not reveal relevant information, something very important is revealed, the main fact of such a disappointment with the third season, the graphic quality! Check out:

However, as much as the characters look really good, with a good quality. We cannot yet be relieved. That's because, the trailer is full of almost static images. And nobody watches Nanatsu no Taizai expecting to be admiring dialogues, but fights!

That is, until the anime actually starts, it's still not possible to celebrate. After all, trailer was made to sell…

When arrives?

But when will it arrive? The fourth and final season of Nanatsu, was to be almost at its end. That's because its launch was for October of that year, even announced on here at News Geek. However, for undisclosed reasons, it was postponed with huge chances of having been because of the pandemic.

Some sites like Nerd Watch say that the season will already start on the day January 6th, ending in March. It also states that the anime will arrive on the Netflix platform also next year.

Although the Nanatsu no Taizai Manga has already ended, and this is the "last season", a continuation of the manga has already been announced. So, depending on the sales of this new manga, and the numbers achieved in the season, in the future more animes based on the Nanatsu universe will appear around.

Anyway, what do you expect from the last season of Nanatsu no Taizai? Will she be good, and different from the third? After all, they had time to do better… Even if they still kept the same studio as the third… And also, if you've read the manga, tell us what you thought of the ending. But without spoiler in!

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