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Chinese Company Will Create an Expandable Phone

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Have you ever thought about having a cell phone that has an expandable screen? Know that this will be possible and guess where this technology comes from? From China, yes, a company in the country is developing a Chinese cell phone with an expandable screen, or a screen that stretches, it's up to you to choose what to call it. This engine can stretch the screen from 6.7 inches up to 7.4 inches, but there is no release date yet.

The maximum size limit that the screen can reach is from 6.7 to 7.4, but there will be an intermediate size support. More directly, you can make the phone 7.0 inches, will it be a success? Only time will answer this question.

The cell phone can have the screen extended with a simple swipe of the finger on the fingerprint sensor, which is on the side of the device. In case you didn't understand very well how the stretching of the mobile screen will work, I will tell you now. In the cell there will be an electric motor that is in charge of expanding the display, with this, this movement will happen in a very natural way.

Expandable Screen Phone is a Designer Unprecedented?

Mobile with expandable display
Mobile with Expandable Display, See!

No, this design has been thought of before, even another Chinese company had already developed at least one prototype with the same screen characteristic. Samsung is also already aware of this new concept and is investigating a similar idea to bring to the company.

Which company is responsible for developing this cell phone?

And the Oppo and the cell phone will receive the name of X 2021, I will talk a little more about this company from now on.

In case you didn't know, this company is only 19 years old, that is, it was founded in 2001. However, despite its young age, it already has a strong presence in the world market, it is the fourth largest cell phone manufacturer in the world. In addition to the Chinese market, the Oppo is already present in 30 other countries and now one of its biggest bets is its mobile phone with an expandable screen, or screen that stretches.

In addition to Smartphones, it also manufactures other products such as MP3 players, DVD and Blu-Ray players. If you enjoy taking pictures on your own, the selfie traditions, the cell phones from this company are certainly for you, but why? Because Oppo has great technologies for selfies. With this, we can see that the main focus of the company's main is to become quite popular among young people. The company has also been investing heavily in technology to improve the experience of its users.

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