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Check out the 5 Best Smartphone Games.

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But tell me one thing, who doesn't like to play games from time to time on their Smartphone to distract? So how about I list 5 of the best games so you can enjoy them in the best way when you want to take a little time to rest. To know everything about it, it's quite simple, as usual, just follow us until the end, and for more news, just here at News Geek.

Smartphones have evolved greatly with the advancement of technology, and we have reached the level where we practically have a computer in our hands. So, there are several ways to take advantage of this capacity of these small devices, whether work, studies and games. Therefore, I will list here, 5 of the best games for Smartphone to be able to enjoy as they wish.

Top 5 Smartphone Games

01- Call of Duty

Call of Duty®: Mobile – Official Launch Trailer

This is a phenomenon in war and action games, Call of Duty, and its mobile version. Its version for mobile devices was very well received, for presenting a quality similar to PC and console. It's a game in HD, which allows customization of controls, chat through text and voice, in addition to a 3D graphic sound, so you can hear the shots around you and feel the emotion of the game.

And of course, we can't forget that it's a competitive game, where you need to use your skills, devise strategies to win prizes. Your fights take place between thousands of players, in a massive multiplayer shooter.

02 – Gardenscapes

Gardenscapes – Official Trailer

This one in our list of the 5 best games for Smartphones is the famous game of the match 3 genre (the one where you need to put together three equal pieces, or more so that they “destroy” each other). In it your rewards are for you to reform your garden. The main character of the game is Austin the butler, he will be responsible for hiring skilled workers to help with the renovation of the garden.

As you go through the level, more areas are unlocked, offering you the possibility to let your imagination run wild and give the environment a new face.

03 - Garena Free Fire

Preview: It's Time to Act! | Free Fire Continental Series

In addition, another famous game that makes up our list is “Garena Free Fire: Redemption!”. A game of shooting and survival in the middle of the same. The matches have a duration of up to 10 minutes, where you are placed on an island, facing another 50 players, where everyone has the same objective. Survival!

Try to survive, search for weapons in the game, stay in the safe area, take down your opponents and be a survivor. But be careful, look all around and avoid air attacks.

04 - Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO – Launch Trailer

So, we're almost done, aren't we? But, a game that could not be missing from this list is Pokémon GO. The game that became a fever at its launch, leading to thousands of people going out in their own after their Pokémon.

Within the world of Pokémon GO, little creatures have invaded our planet and now it's up to you to become a Pokémon master and go hunting them. The great revolution of games is that it encourages people to walk, leave the comfort of their homes and go in search of new achievements.

But it's not just a monotonous game where you have to go around hunting different little creatures and evolving them. The game also allows you to conquer gyms and by dominating it for a certain period of hours, you earn PokéCoins reward.

05 - Asphalt 9

Asphalt 9: Legends – Official Launch Trailer

To finish this list of the 5 best games for Smartphone, nothing better than a beautiful racing game, right? And Asphalt 9 certainly manages to carry that in its chest, because after all it's a lot of graphics and adrenaline for a racing game.

Coming from a long line of successful games, Asphalt 9 is a racing game that offers extremely high quality graphics, giving users an experience close to reality. What's more, here you can have your dream car in “hands”, as the game offers a nice collection of automobiles. Being it a collection of more than 50 types of most famous cars around the world.

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