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The 5 Best Anime Movies, according to the Box Office.

See which are the 5 best anime movies, according to their box office in theaters around the world.

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Although animes are not very strong in the culture of all countries, as time goes by they are getting more and more space. One proof of this is the increase in the addition of anime on Streaming platforms, or the emergence of exclusive Streaming for anime, such as funimation and the crunchyroll. But another good way to say this is through the huge box office that anime films achieve all over the world, even with few rooms destined for their sessions, that when taken to countries. See now which are the 5 highest grossing anime films:

5 – Weathering with You

Highest grossing anime movies - weathering with you
Top Anime Movie Box Office – Weathering With You

The most recent in the line, which perhaps gives some of its popularity, and also the name of its director, Makoto Shinkai, who will still appear on the list, having his name linked to the work alone would guarantee interest of the public to watch, mainly due to his previous work.

Although it occupies this position, the film may still be able to surpass the next one on the list, because it has not yet been released here in Brazil. The launch would now take place in 2020, but due to all the events it has not yet taken place.

  • Studio: CoMix Wave Films.
  • Direction: Makoto Shinkai
  • Release year: 2019.
  • Box office: $ 193.186.879.

4 – Pony

Highest grossing anime movies - ponyo
Top Anime Movies Box Office – Ponyo

The presence of films from the Legendary Studio Ghibli would not be surprising, acclaimed all over the world, including opening the anime at the biggest movie awards in the world, the Oscars. Ponyo also got a nomination, although not for the OScar but for the Venice festival, a nomination for Best Film.

Just like “My Friend Totoro” also from studio Ghibli, Ponyo presents a more childish and simple theme but without abandoning the poetic marks of its creator Hayao.

  • Studio: Studio Ghibli.
  • Direction: Hayao Miyazaki.
  • Release year: 2008.
  • Box office: $ 203.204.882 .

3 - Howl's Moving Castle

Highest-grossing Anime Movies - The Animated Castle
Best Anime Movies Box Office – Howl's Moving Castle

Also written and directed by the legendary Hayao Miyazaki, The Animated Castle is based on a novel written by British author Diana Wynne Jones in 1986, but not in its entirety. In the Animated Castle, a young girl is cursed by a Witch who transforms her into an old woman, but in search of reversing the situation, she goes in search of the Animated Castle which is where a mysterious wizard lives.

The animated Castle managed to do very well critically, being nominated for several awards and winning most of them, it was also nominated for the Oscar for best animation, although it didn't win.

  • Studio: Studio Ghibli.
  • Direction: Hayao Miyazaki.
  • Release year: 2004.
  • Box office: $ 235.347.345 .

2 – Spirited Away

Top-grossing Anime Movies - Chihiro's Voyage
Top Anime Movies Box Office – Spirited Away

The great masterpiece of Studio Ghibli, and Hayao Miyazaki, Spirited Away is the first anime film that was not only nominated for an Oscar, but was the big winner, and it doesn't end there, in total the film collects 35 awards .

For lovers of classics like Alice in Wonderland it is a great choice, they would easily identify with Spirited Away and its premise, but after all it is very difficult to find someone who has not yet watched this wonder, note. If I haven't seen it yet, it's on Netflix!

  • Studio: Studio Ghibli.
  • Direction: Hayao Miyazaki.
  • Release year: 2001.
  • Box office: $ 355.467.056.

1 – Your Name

Highest grossing anime movies - yor name
Biggest Anime Movies Box Office – Your Name

Finally, the Anime Film with the Biggest Box Office in the World! The only film that managed to dethrone the sovereignty of the Ghibli studio and the incredible mark of 355 million dollars in global box office sales of Spirited Away, but even if only barely.

Your Name was a worldwide phenomenon, wherever it went it managed to be a huge success, it was even one of the names put forward for the Oscar for best animation, but it was cut.

  • Studio: CoMix Wave Films.
  • Direction: Makoto Shinkai.
  • Release year: 2016.
  • Box office: $ 358.342.223.

Extra – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train

Demon slayer: kimetsu no yaiba the movie: mugen train
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train

And the extra is the first Kimetsu no Yaiba film, which has been breaking record after record, making history in Japan, but why exactly is it not on the list? Because its global premiere has not yet happened, even in a few countries the film, which is the direct continuation of the smashing anime, has already managed to raise an amount that easily guarantees it third place.

This film has everything it takes to surpass Your Name and become the highest grossing anime film of all time, but not only that, it also breaks the hegemony of Ghibli Studio and CoMix Wave Films, this is because the film was produced by ufotable. Collection so far greater than $ 235,907,175.

Anyway, what's your top 5 anime movies, based on your tastes? Remembering that this list was made by the world box office, and not by tastes, depending on my tastes, I would have A Voz do Silencio in the Top 3!

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