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Masashi Kishimoto takes over Boruto's work?!

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For everything this one is fresh for you! And just like me, it must have taken you by surprise too. Masashi Kishimoto will now take over the work Boruto: Naruto Next Generations? The answer is yes. Now, Boruto's manga will have an exchange of authors, where Masashi Kishimoto, known for his amazing work, being "Naruto". The same will now start writing from volume 53, whose post was held by Ukyo Kodachi since the beginning of Boruto.

Masashi Kishimoto back to the world of Naruto, only with Boruto now.

With the announcement made in twitter franchise official, where he celebrated Kodachi's work! But, he stated that from now on, it is Kishimoto who will take over the work, based on his initial drafts for the spinoff accompanying Naruto's son.

The upcoming volume is part of the December issue of V Jump magazine, which goes on pre-order in Japan on November 21.

About the “BORUTO” manga – With 52 episodes of “BORUTO” published in the December issue of V Jump (released on November 21), the production system will be changed according to the schedule from the beginning. Thank you very much, Mr. Kodachi, who has been the screenwriter until now. In the future, we will serialize it based on Professor Masashi Kishimoto's original draft.

This ended up generating some doubts among those who follow the work. Questions about whether it would still follow the same script, whether Kishimoto would be able to please the public after the service had been started by someone else. Well, this type of doubt is normal, after all, when we are used to a work in one way, the tendency when there is a drastic change, may not be the best.

But remember that Masashi is the original creator of the Naturo franchise, and that now the world takes place in another future, starring Boruto. And as we already know from the original story, who knows, there might be pending improvements in the past work, but not taking the focus away from the current one?

About Boruto.

Boruto now follows the story of Uzumaki Naturo's son, and that's since the last chapter of the manga, which ended in 2015. We had Boruto's first appearance in the movie Boruto: Naturo the Movie, and who is also the main character of the manga that was produced by Ukyo Kodachi and Mikie Ikemoto. Both worked with Kishimito on Naruto, and the manga debuted in Japan in May 2016 and has sold over 1 million copies. (In Brazil, Boruto's manga is published by Panini)

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