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Naruto The Last: Watch the Synopsis of This Amazing Movie

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Naruto is certainly one of the animes that most marked the lives of many people and including mine, it lasted about 15 years. In addition to the main anime, which has about 700 episodes, including the classic and Shippuden, we also have some movies. And today I came to talk about the synopsis of one of those films that received the most positive reviews, “Naruto The Last”. In case you didn't know, this movie is kind of the complement of something that Shippuden was missing, I'm talking about Naruto and Hinata's romance.

The film takes place 2 years after the official end of the Manga and takes place in a period where there was an apparent period of tranquility in Konoha. Naruto The Last, as the name implies, is the last adventure of our beloved ninja with yellow hair and orange sweatshirt. Well, more directly about what this movie is about, it is nothing more than a great romance filler.

Naruto The Last Synopsis and Summary

Naruto the last, see the synopsis and review of this amazing movie
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If you have already watched the complete Naruto, you should know that indirectly Kaguya Otsutsuki was largely responsible for the fourth ninja war. Only she left descendants and one of them was Toneri Otsutsuki, who lived there on the moon and was determined to end the earth. For him to achieve this he needed a byakugan, so he decides to kidnap Hanabi Hyuga, sister of our dear Hinata.

But he didn't just want to end the world, he wanted to get married too, to keep descendants, and guess who he wanted as a husband? The byakugan princess, Hinata Hyuga.

His main plan was to throw the moon on the earth and kill the general, but while he couldn't do that, he sent meteor showers to the earth. While this meteor shower was taking place, the great nations used their weapons to prevent them from crashing into the earth.

Remembering that he was up to all this while he had Hanabi kidnapped on the moon with Hinata, who went there in order to stop him. After Naruto thought that Hinata no longer loved him and would willingly marry Toneri, Sakura convinced him to believe that something bigger was going on behind it. So Naruto, Sai, Sakura and Shikamaru go to the moon in search of Hinata and Hanabi.

Naruto and His Friends on the Moon

Continuing this summary and synopsis of Naruto The Last, when our beloved yellow-haired ninja reaches the moon, he realizes Sakura was right. Then he pulls Hinata and removes a manipulation jutsu that Toneri put on her after realizing that she didn't intend to marry him.

Anyway, as you can imagine, there was a fight there, our dear ninjas from the village of the leaf managed to prevent the end of the world. After that, Naruto and Hinata declare love to each other and kiss, ending this incredible saga once and for all.

To be honest with you, I only have positive reviews to talk about Naruto The Last, I strongly recommend you to watch this movie.


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