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Astronomical Events in November 2020.

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The Year 2020 is almost at its long-awaited end, but in a year full of bad events it is still possible to observe magnificent events to be able to give extra joy and make us forget a few of our problems… and among these events we have the Astronomical Events, Check out what will happen this November!

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Taurid Meteor Shower (4 and 5)

Only in the month of November, it will be possible to observe twice one of the most recurring astronomical events, but which never loses its beauty, the meteor showers! And one of them is the Taurid Meteor Shower that every year has a date set for its peak between the 7th and 10th of November, however this year 2020 its peak will happen between the 4th and 5th.

This meteor shower occurs towards the constellation of Taurus, one of the easiest to identify in the sky. The debris that burns as it enters the atmosphere, causing the meteor shower to happen, comes from the dust of the asteroid (the 2004 TG10) and comet (2P Encke).

2 meteor showers in the month of November

Leonid Meteor Shower (17 and 18)

While the Taurid meteor shower takes place in the region of the constellation of Taurus, the Leonids takes place in the Leo constellation. And during the 17th and 18th of November it is possible to observe the peak of this meteor shower.

The Leonid meteor shower also happens annually, it is one of the most important. Although its peak is between the 17th and 18th, when you can most often observe the burning of debris as it enters the atmosphere… it always happens, every year between the 7th and 17th of December. Resulting from the asteroid's wake 3200 Phaethon!

 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (30)

November astronomical events (2020) - penumbral lunar eclipse
Reproduction Image: Educate More Brazil.

Although the two meteor showers that will happen during the month are visible here in Brazil.. the lunar eclipse that will happen at the very end of the month will not. But that doesn’t stop him from being seen, either through photos or online broadcasts on the most diverse channels…

But what is a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse? This is when the Moon is overshadowed by the Earth's partial shadow, called penumbra. While the total shadow (umbra) is responsible for reddening the Moon during lunar eclipses, the penumbra only makes the Moon grayer, which can go unnoticed by many. This event will be visible in North America, the Pacific Ocean and Northeast Asia

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