Find out which were the most watched videos on YouTube Brazil in 2020

Find out what were the most watched videos on YouTube Brazil in 2020

Most watched and most viral videos across the country during the year.

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Today YouTube released a list of the most watched videos on the platform in Brazil this year 2020. Remembering that the year is not over yet, there is still a month to go, maybe not, but this list may change its order . That's because videos go viral very easily, it can happen that a video is released today and tomorrow or a week from now generally I'll be watching it.

Youtube released the list of the most watched videos here in Brazil this year 2020 in four different categories. These four categories are; “Trending Video”, “Trending Music”, “Top Creators” and “Breakout Creators”

Category 1: Hot videos

Top videos on youtube
Trending on Youtube
  1. FluTv – Fla-Flu Live – Rio Cup Final – FluTV
  2. Flamengo vs Boavista Live – Rio Cup – FLA TV
  3. Does money bring happiness? – Whindersson Nunes
  4. Felipe Neto Minecraft #1 – Felipe Neto
  5. Thiago Ventura I Special Just Thank You l Subtitled [4K] – Thiago Ventura
  6. The Enigma – Complete – Viih Tube
  7. Fun and Genius Food Tricks II Food Tips by 124 GO! – Channel 123 Go!
  8. Copa America 2020 | Free Fire
  9. Understand the story behind the CAIXÃO DANCE MEMES – Canal Você Sabe

In the top 1 of this category of most watched videos in Brazil in 2020, we can see that it was a football match. It was nothing more and nothing less than Fla-Flu for the Rio Cup, this game took place on the 8th of July of this year, obviously.

Category 2: Music videos on the rise

  1. Marília Mendonça – GRAVETO (All Corners)
  2. Henrique and Juliano – BACK DOWN – Live DVD at Ibirapuera
  3. MC Niack – Oh Juliana (
  4. Os Barões da Pisadinha – Just You Call Me (Live) ft. Xand Plane
  5. The Barons of Pisadinha – Recairei (Live)
  6. Dennis & MC Don Juan – I Promise You (Official Clip)
  7. Acoustic Poetry #9 – Best Form – L7NNON | CHRIS | shaman | Lourena | Cesar Mc | Djonga | Filipe Ret
  8. MC Marks – God is for Us – Dj Muka (Official Clip)
  9. Eduardo Costa – Still Tô Aí (Official Clip) DVD #ForaDaLei
  10. Luisa Sonza – BRABA

Category 3: Top Creators

  1. NOBRU
  2. Did you know?
  3. LOUD
  4. Felipe Neto
  5. Renato Garcia
  7. Whinderssonnunes
  8. What Not to Say Official
  9. WAX
  10. LOUD Joker

Category 4: Breakout Creators

  2. Simone Mendes
  3. JEFÃO
  4. LOUD Mii
  5. in Matinho
  8. Let them talk
  9. Megadragon GamePlay
  10. LOUD Thaiga

In these third and fourth categories of the most watched videos on YouTube Brazil in 2020, we can see that a game influenced a lot. In case you don't know what game this is, I'm talking about Free Fire, which has been very successful for about three years.

This article was based on another article that came out earlier in the Tech Everything, Click here and see what it was.


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