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5 Brazilian Animals That Could Go Extinct

Brazilian animals that are at risk of extinction mainly due to human action

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Hey guys, how are you? Well, I hope so. When we say the word “Animal”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Probably came a Cat, Dog, Lion and some other very popular. But do you know which Brazilian animals are about to go extinct here in Brazil? So, if your answer is a NO, stay in this article and I will list 5 of them that at any moment will disappear from our territory.

Remembering that in total there are more than 300 Brazilian animals that are at risk of becoming extinct here in Brazil. However, I will list here the 5 species of animals that at any time may be reported that he has disappeared from our territory.

Remembering that in the course of the earth's history, many living beings passed through here and for some reason disappeared, such as the mammoths.

Blue Arara

Hyacinth Macaw, news geek
Photo: Reproduction / Hyacinth Macaw

Most likely, you've already watched a cartoon here called Rio and it tells exactly what happened to this species. The hyacinth macaws suffered a lot from animal trafficking and the last bird of this species was found in the wild in the year 2000.

Remembering that there are Blue Macaws that are being bred in zoos, however, there is a project that aims to put them back in nature.

Leatherback or Giant Tortoise

Leatherback Turtle, news geek
Photo: Reproduction/Leather Turtle

The second animal on this list of Brazilian animals that are going into extinction is one that lives in the seas of Brazil. In Brazil, this species is classified as "critically endangered" of extinction, however, in the global classification the Leatherback Turtle is classified as "vulnerable risk".

The risk of extinction of this species is related to the capture of eggs, killing of females and accidental capture of adults in fishing nets.

Guara wolf

5 Brazilian animals that could go extinct in Brazil, maned wolf
Photo: Reproduction / Maned wolf

Recently, this animal became well known for having its face stamped on the new R$200.00 banknotes that came into circulation this year. But maybe you don't know that he runs the risk of disappearing here in our Brazil because of the deforestation that his habitat has been suffering.

Remembering that he is the largest canid mammal native to South America and that he can be found in the Pantanal, Pampas and Cerrado.

Golden Lion tamarin

5 Brazilian animals that may go extinct in Brazil, golden lion tamarin
Photo: Reproduction / Golden lion tamarin

As with the hyacinth macaws, one of the main causes of the increasing disappearance of the golden lion tamarin is animal trafficking, in addition to deforestation. In the last decades their species practically disappeared from all over Brazil, but some would manage to stay alive in the forests of Rio de Janeiro. However, some people report having seen him also through the Holy Spirit, that is, most likely there are a few there.

giant anteater

Giant anteater, news geek
Photo: Reproduction/Anteater

Closing this list with 5 Brazilian animals that are at great risk of becoming extinct here in Brazil, we have the giant anteater. However, if you want to see the giant anteater in person, you will have to go to the Amazon, the Cerrado, the Atlantic Forest or the Pantanal.

These places tend to burn a lot, thus collaborating in their possible extinction, in addition to the increasing deforestation of their habitat.


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