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Check out which are the Playstation Plus games in December!

See which are the three games distributed for free during the month of December on Playstation Plus.

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The games that will be distributed for free to Playstation Plus subscribers during the month of December have already been announced, this time in total there will be 3 games that can be purchased from the 1st. See what they are:

Rocket Arena

If you are one of the lovers of the Battle Royal genre, Rocket Arena is worth checking out. The game is one of three offered for free on Playstation Plus for the month of December, which brings together elements from several games of the genre, but with touches of originality. For example, the main objective of the game is not to kill your opponent, but to take him down, as in Smash Bros.

Rockets rule everything in Rocket Arena — An explosive 3v3 shooter where you're never out of action. Master your hero's or heroine's unique skills and rockets to launch opponents away and control the arena!

Official Game Description – Source

Worms Rumble

And there's a fresh game being distributed on Ps Plus! Worms Rumble that already has tradition, after all, it's 25 years of the franchise. But this time online with a Battle Royale for up to 32 simultaneous players! The Game was announced in the middle of this year, to be released at the end of the year, but there was no specific date. Now it has not only been announced in the best possible way, with the possibility of purchasing it for free if you subscribe to Playstation Plus!

The game promises to keep classic elements of the franchise, but in a whole new way to play. On the same day that it will be available for the Ps4 and Ps5, the game will also have its launch for PRAÇA.

Juste Cause 4

Shoot, punch and bomb! If that's what you like, Just Cause 4 is the game for you. Although many may complain about Just Cause 4 becoming something too repetitive of the previous franchises and with a "weak" plot. It is unfathomable that the game is very well done, with a very well done and beautiful open world, with gameplay that managed to be even better than Just Cause 3.

Anyway, what did you think of the games of the month of December on Playstation Plus? Are you going to play any of them, or have none really caught your eye? Comment!

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