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Mods Among Us: What They Are, and How to Install!

What's already good gets even better! Check out what it is and how to use a mod in Among US

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Some games, no matter how fun they may be, still manage to get even better through some modifications made to them, Mods, and Among Us is no different. See now everything about Among Us Mods, the best, most fun, and how to install them.

What are Mods?

The Mods which is nothing more than an abbreviation for modification, or modifications. Which are modifications made to games, to change from small things, to the game as a whole, through modifications to the original content. These modifications can be made by the developer itself, but most of them are made by third parties.

A great example of Mods are the ones present in GTA, which add characters, vehicles, story modes, or change the graphics to make it more realistic, etc. There are also some mods made within games that practically give rise to a new game, like what happened with the famous Counter Strike that was born from a mod made from the game half life.

And Among Us would be no different, the game that became a fever recently mainly due to the fact that Streamers have a player in broadcasts popularizing the game, has been gaining Mods frequently. And they are made for both Mobile (Android) and PC versions.

Mods Among Us PC and Android

Mod – Among Us Brasil

Mods among us: what they are, and how to install! - love us brazil
Among Us Brazil

Perhaps among all the mods present in the game, this is the best one for Brazilians! This is because, the developer of this mod, changed almost all the images of the game to make it as Brazilian as possible. To give you an idea, the tables turned into Bar tables, Beetles were added, that's right Beetles as the main engine of the ship. The ambiance is clearly inspired by Rio de Janeiro, with the floor referring to the Ipanema boardwalk. In this Mod it is even possible to use a “thousand degree” haircut to play as key as possible.

This is a mod responsible only for making changes to the look of the game, that is, it does not bring any new elements to the game, any new functionality, etc. But while it doesn't add new gameplay, it comes with all skins available for free and also all pets.

Download: PRAÇA / android

OBS: This mod present in the Link to PRAÇA no installation required, just a download. That's because in the link there is already a game folder with the Mod already installed.

All Released

Among us mod all released
Among Us Mod All Released

Don't want a lot of changes in your game or something it doesn't offer, but don't have the money to unlock the Skins present in the game? This is the right mod for you, with the All Released Mod, no changes are made to the game, except the fact that all Skins, all hats and Pets will be released for free! Exactly the name of the mod taken literally.

Download: android

Mod - 100 players

100 players mod - amoug us
100 Players Mod – Among US

If you are one of those who think the game is starting to get boring, and are looking for a way to make the game more fun, a good option is the 100 players Mod, which, as the name suggests, allows up to 100 players to participate in a game. single match, 10x more than currently allowed. Just try to imagine what it would be like trying to kill someone silently, or the game chat being the mess it shouldn't be? Maybe a little insanity is what's missing to make the matches more attractive.

Download: PRAÇA

Mod – Mini Crew

mini crew
Mini Crew – Among Us Mod

A strong point of Among Us is the fact that the crew, even though their design is simple, are funny in their own right, but what if they were tiny, looking like Babies? That's what the Mini Crewmate Mod (Mini Crewmates) does, it shrinks all crew members making them even funnier. While it doesn't add any new gameplay or elements, it makes the game more fun.

Download: PRAÇA

Mod - Crew with Hands

Crew with hands - amoug us mod
Crew with Hands – Among US Mod

There's not much to say about this mod, basically it adds rounded hands to Crew members through a small modification to the sprite of the characters.

Download: PRAÇA / android

Mod – Among Us mario

Mario mod - among us
Mario Mod – Among US

This one is for Nintendo mascot lovers. With this mod, all crew members will look like the most famous Italian plumber in gaming. But also without adding any new elements to the game, just making a modification in the design of the characters.

Download: PRAÇA / android

Mod – Zombie Apocalypse

Among us zombie mod
Among Us Zombie Mod

What if instead of the imposter killing you, he turns you into a zombie? Unlike the mods mentioned above, this one makes a slight change in the way of playing, because when you touch the zombie you become contaminated, and then you will try to touch other crew members to also infect them. Without a doubt for those who are starting to get sick of the original game it is one of the best choice, the game will be much more fun!

Download: PRAÇA

  • This Mod has the installation a little different from the others, but on the site it is well explained how to do it, just translate the page!

Mod – Naruto

Naruto - mod among us
Naruto – Mod Among Us

the fans of Naruto can't stay out either! With this mod, textures of items present in Naruto are added, from bandanas, kunai, character hair, even Akatsuki costumes. Elements from the anime are also added to the environment, with clan symbols, akatsuki, the anime logo, etc.

Download: PRAÇA

How to Install Mods in Among US

Before learning how to use a mod in Among Us, it's always good to reinforce that: Never install directly to your game's original folder! But how to do it then? Simple, just before installing any mod you make a copy of the game folder, and always install in the copied folder, to always preserve the original game! This concern, however, is not necessary for the mobile version, since it is enough to uninstall the modified version, and install the original apk of the game again.


First, maybe even expected, but in case you haven't installed Winrar on your pc, use this link to download (obs stay tuned for your windows version, x32 or x64);

As recommended, make a copy of the files in your game folder, and never install it on the original, preserve it! To make control easier, keep this folder in an easily accessible location, such as on the Desktop.

  • Download the Mod.
  • Unzip it using Winrar, just right click on the file, and select Extract Here, or Extract To (File name) this second option will create a folder with the file name and extract it into it.
  • Copy All Files that have been unzipped, if you have unzipped them to a folder, all those inside it.
  • Go to your Among Us Copy Folder.
Mods among us: what they are, and how to install! - image 1
Among Us file directory
  • open the folder Among Us_Data e Paste the files into this folder.
Mods among us: what they are, and how to install! - image 2
File Replacement to install the mod
  • Confirm the request to replace the files.
  • Ready your game already has the Mod!


  • 1 - To install Among Us Mods first of all you must uninstall Among Us on your device!
  • two - It is necessary that your device is enabled to install an app that comes from outside the Play Store. To enable this option, simply follow these steps: Go to your Smartphone settings > Search for Security > Enable the option: Unknown Sources.
Mods among us: what they are, and how to install! - enable apk installation from unknown sources
Android Settings
  • 3 - Once the Mod has been downloaded in your browser, open the file and install it.
  • Note: If the downloaded file is compressed, most of the time in (.rar) format, just download an App from the Play Store to decompress it.

And that's it, very simple! Your Among Us will already be modified according to the downloaded mod. Once you get tired of the mod, just delete it, download a new mod, or download the original on the Play Store.

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