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Meet Jujutsu Kaisen! The anime that is shaking everything up.

Anime has been attracting attention and acquiring more and more fans due to its quality of animation and story!

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This one, my dear reader, if you haven't watched the anime or read the manga yet, get ready because spoilers are coming! But, the time has come to talk about Jujutsu Kaisen, the anime that is beautiful, both graphics and animation. Furthermore, this is one of those that not only has beauty and struggle, but the story also leaves something to be desired.

After all, an anime that is attracting the attention of users around the world deserves such prominence and recognition, as Jujutsu Kaisen deserves all of this. Want to know more about the anime? Well, I'll try not to tell everything about it, but be aware that there will be spoilers. However, if you want to watch the anime, just click here.

Kaisen Jujutsu


Now for the main part! But, remembering that I'll leave my opinion here, if you don't agree, you're free to opine in the comments.

Taking place in a world of curses, where they dominate people's hearts, and as a consequence bring a lot of evil to people. From this, Jujutsu sorcerers arise, whose have enchantments and even curses to combat curses. In half contra-versa, isn't it? But, to fight evil, sometimes you have to join her, and this sentence fits the protagonist of this anime very well.

The first episode begins with Yuuji Itadori (the protagonist of the work) on his grandfather's deathbed. And in this conversation between Yuuji and his late grandfather, Yuuji promises that he will help people with his strength, who already had superhuman talents even before joining a curse.

Being forced to swallow one of Sakuna's fingers, an S rank curse, there everything began to change in Yuuji's life. To give you an idea, it changed so much that it reached a level where Itadori made a deal with the curse. But, a big detail is that Sakuna can't take control of Yuuji's body, even though it's an S level curse.

And from there, the life of young Itadore changed completely, he now attends a school of Jujutsu sorcerers. However, he only stays at the school with an agreement, where he must gather Sakuna's 20 fingers, as he is the only one who can fulfill the will of the curse and control and take control of his body. With this he must regain his fingers, and not lose control of his body, otherwise he will be killed by sorcerers.

Anyway, this is a small summary of several things that happen in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen! So, I left the rest for you to find out by watching the anime, and remembering that it is distributed by crushyroll and which is also being translated into Portuguese with quality.

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