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Baryon Mode! The transformation that puts Naruto's life at risk.

Naruto's most powerful and definitive form with Kurama

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In Boruto's world, things are ugly, to the point that Naruto has to put his life on the line! That's right, it's about Naruto's new form, the Baryon mode, the infamous new transformation that can lead Naruto to death. But, this ended up generating some doubts among fans, about what it is, or what it does, and similar things. In chapter 52 of the work, Kurama explains how the new Baryon Mode works. And thinking about it, I will detail for you a little bit about what it is about, and its consequence.

Naruto's New Transformation, Baryon Mode!

Baryon mode! The transformation that puts naruto's life at risk. - boruto cape
Cover Edition 52 Boruto: Naruto next Generations.

Unlike Kurama Mode and Rikudō Sennin Mode, which consist of using external energy to use as your own, Baryon Mode consists of performing a kind of fusion. Thus, using Naruto's and Kurama's chakra as a base to generate an extremely powerful energy form. Kurama mentions that this procedure resembles the way the Sun obtains its energy, through nuclear fusion and combinations of elements to generate an even more powerful one.

Upon accessing this energy, a new chakra mode arises in Naruto, manifesting nine red-orange chakra tails. Five of them form at the base of the Hokage's cape, while four of them manifest on his back, which shrink in size as the energy runs out. Its eyes get the same pattern as Kurama's eyes, with dark markings around them, which run towards his hair, creating the shape of fox-like ears.

Ability Increase

In this form, Naruto gains a massive increase never seen before in his previous battle modes, both in physical strength, speed and perception. The latter has increased to the point of being able to detect microscopic objects being shot at high speed! Something that was difficult for Sasuke to track with his Sharingan. And his strength was great enough to overwhelm the insane strength of isshiki and use his chakra arms to hold and launch the cubes materialized by Ōtsutsuki very easily.

However, such power comes with a very high risk. The energy generated through the fusion of Naruto's and Kurama's life ends up consuming the user's life until one or both are depleted. And, as Kurama has a greater life force than Naruto, the tailed beast doesn't end up suffering the same fate as the jinchūriki. For that reason, Kurama advises Naruto not to waste moves, so as not to consume his life in vain.

Emergence of Mode

Kurama suggested this mode to Naruto, as it works perfectly for Isshiki's case, as the same energy that consumes his life! But it also consumes the life of those who are touched by it. For that reason, she also advises Naruto not to use too much force in his punches, but to be able to touch Isshiki. Similar to a boxer who aims to land his punches just to get a score, rather than knocking out the opponent.

From this, we can assume that this technique does indeed consume Naruto and Kurama's life, and will only lead to Uzumaki's death if he spends all of his life before deactivating this mode. So, the more he saves on unnecessary movement and effort, the longer he will stay in this mode.

And for those who still believe that Naruto lost just by being down, evaluate more carefully, because even Isshiki holding Naruto on the ground immobilized, continues to lose his life force by the fact that he is touching him.

Baryon Mode is not a mode focused on brute force, but rather a mode designed to kill the enemy through touch.

Anyway, this is a summary of Naruto's new form, now we just have to wait for the next issue to know the end of this battle.

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