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Terror in Criciúma: Thieves blow up boxes in the city.

Criciúma lives at night only imagined in films/series.

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If someone said that 2020 couldn't get any worse, well, once again, they're wrong! With the terror that the city of Criciúma went through last night, residents were terrified, after all, some were hostages. The robbery carried out by a gang, where the target was a Banco do Brasil branch in downtown Criciúma (South of Santa Catarina).

What's more, this was at the movie/series level, and many are even making jokes and comparisons with the famous “La Casa de Papel”, where a group carries out a bank robbery. But, not a simple robbery, but everything planned, weaponry at a military level, and that unfortunately applied in real life.

Terror in Criciúma

Attack in Criciúma: a suspect is arrested in the capital of São Paulo

A night that will be marked forever in the history of the city of Criciúma, where Banco do Brasil was the target of a robbery. With lock, bazooka and even snipers, a gang carried out the robbery during the night, and took some civilians hostage. All in a strategic way, looking like a real movie scene, but terrifying for those who were held hostage with their lives at stake.

There were about 30 hooded people who carried out the robbery at the BB branch. The robbery started around 11:50 pm on Monday (11/30) until Tuesday morning (12/01). Furthermore, the gang even started fires; blocked streets and access to the city, shot at the Military Police Battalion and used hostages as shields. During the action, which lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes, the criminals fired several shots.

Were there victims?

During an exchange of fire, unfortunately it is common to have deaths, after all, the name itself already answers that. But in this case, the only victim was a PM. Private Jeferson Esmeraldino was shot when he was inside a vehicle returned to the battalion, according to the Military Police. He is hospitalized in serious condition, with internal bleeding, and has undergone three surgeries. He is 32 years old and has been working since 2016 in the Military Police, in the 9th Military Police Battalion of Criciúma.

Estimated value of theft

With such a scaled plan, it's no wonder the bad guys had a high expectation of 'profit'. But, there is no official data until the moment of the exact value stolen. However, it is estimated that about 40 million were taken by the bandits. In addition, they threw about 1 million in cash on the street. And 4 people were arrested who were not part of the gang, but who were trying to take home suitcases left by the bandits with R$ 810 thousand.

For more complete details, you can visa on here.

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