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BOMB! Apple and Samsung Can Unite, Understand.

Apple's partnership with Samsung promises to bring more technology to the iPhone

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Today the world was caught with a news informing that Apple and Samsung may come together to bring a better iPhone in 2022. Calm down, I am also informing you that nothing is official 100% yet, but if this partnership happens, the camera of a future iPhone will be incredibly incredible.

Whenever we zoom in to take pictures on a cell phone, the image quality usually drops, and that's where Samsung comes in. This possible agreement with Samsung, which is a South Korean giant, could make these “problems” in Zoom disappear from Apple cell phones.

If this partnership is completed, the iPhone 14 will be able to zoom 10x without losing resolution, this cell phone will possibly arrive in 2022. An important detail to be said is that Samsung already has a cell phone with an optical zoom, you know which I'm speaking? From the Galaxy S20 Ultra, but this zoom is only four times without losing resolution, Apple's possible iPhone 14 would surpass it.

Who Leaked Information About Possible Union Between Apple and Samsung?

Who reported the possible union of Apple and Samsung in search of a better quality in the IPhone camera was the ETNews website. However, so far both the American giant and the South Korean giant have not commented on this news.

But who is wrong who is thinking that this is the first time that Apple is looking for a better camera for their devices. A few months ago, there were rumors in the market that the iPhone 12 could come with a periscopic camera, but it didn't.

We can't help but talk about an Apple report that was made public recently, but what was he referring to? He pointed out that the American company had been looking for solutions to increasingly improve the Zoom that its devices currently offer. Anyway, if everything goes as it has, it will be a matter of time before this new technology is included in the company's smartphones.

What is a Periscopic Camera?

What is a periscopic camera?
Schematic of a Periscope camera

I touched on this word a little further up in this article, but maybe you don't know what it really means. Currently on the market, this type of camera is already present in some cell phones, such as the Galaxy S20 Ultra and Huawei P40 Pro Plus.

The periscopic camera is actually a set of lenses that are perpendicular to the back of the device. This set with several lenses ends up becoming a type of telephoto or zoom lens that ends up making the image resolution not drop.

Remembering that this type of technology in cell phones already exists in professional cameras, that is, it is not a new technology. Generally, in photo cameras, the person controls the zoom manually by turning the lens ring. On the cell phone, it will be through buttons that will appear when the camera application is in operation.

Well, this was a brief article talking about this possible partnership between Apple and Samsung, aiming at a better camera on the iPhone. However, don't forget to share this article with all your friends and on all your Social Networks.


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